PictureIt Creations

Howell, Michigan
United States

Growing up with a name like Taryn, I was definitely not going to find my name in t-shirts, keychains and necklaces like my kid sister, Lindsey (who would have to settle for "Lindsay" because of her spelling - thanks, Mom!). We joke today that it was my destiny to own a personalization company where I can put my name on everything! But, seriously, my name is on everything now.

If you would have told me this is what I was going to do as an adult, I wouldn't believe you. I went to college, majored in Accounting and Small Business. I worked in banks and mortgage companies until I was blessed with my first son. I decided to stay home and raise him. Of course, with a bouncing baby boy, photography became a huge passion for me. I dabble in it but its hard to manage a photography business with now 4 little ones at home. Did I mention I homeschool them now? 

I started PictureIt Creations right after my first was born in 2006. It was my opportunity to make something of my spare time (ha! What's that?). But now that my kids are older, it's turned into a full time job that I love AND I don't have to return to working for someone else AND my family & children are still able to come first. AND I can name my kids whatever I want with weird spellings and give them all the cool personalized things :P

I have met and worked with SO many wonderful people over the years. Today, I couldn't see myself doing anything different. I love being such a huge part in weddings, anniversaries and all of life's memorable moments.

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