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It was time to start using an eyeglass chain due to spending more time looking for my glasses than actually working in my studio. I wanted a beautiful eyeglass chain. So glad I ordered this one. I love it! Fast shipping and great packaging too.
Exactly as expected and arrived ahead of schedule!
I transferred my reviews over from Etsy. It happened overnight which really surprised me, and I'm quite happy with how they are placed on the item pages. Thanks!
I could not open the JSON file I saved. But sent them anyway. I’m very impressed. Thank you!
Nicely done. I’m so excited to have had this done for me. I don’t mind how the stars look. I understand that they can only go back to 2020 when goimagine started. I have no issues. I’m glad I braved it up and took the step to moved them over. I work hard on my customer service and this just gives me a little head start as I start to redirect my customers here. Highly recommended.
I love these. They measure 5”x7”, are nicely packaged with a simple band, so you can slide out what you need and not spill the stack. They are glossy, colorful and not too thick. They just so happen to match my branding colors. There is a place to add a code for one month free for new members, but I’m not sure where I find that code. I love the message. They arrived quickly. I am very pleased with them and the price is unbeatable. Thank you. I will buy again! 10 stars!
It seems my review was deleted so I will leave it again. My original review was for 3 stars and I stand my this rating. I ordered the Etsy review import service and overall I'm disappointed with it, only because of the star graphic. The graphic shows 4 1/2 stars, even though my reviews are 99.66% five stars (which is a lot closer to 5 stars than 4 1/2 stars). When you go to my shop it shows 4.5 stars (incorrect) and 292 reviews. It shows nothing about how it is 99.66% five star ratings. I would not recommend this service unless you have 100% five star reviews at Etsy, because if it's any less than that (even just 0.34% less) the graphic will show 4 1/2 stars making it appear as if your reviews are not as good as they actually are.
Great service with my review import and order inserts I bought
Overall I would choose to do this service again. 5 stars for timeliness and ease of service - but the functionality is less than 5 stars for me, so I am rating it 4 - 4.5 stars. Here are things I wish I had known to consider prior to purchase:
(1) Less than absolutely 100% positive reviews will - currently - round *down* to half stars. My 99%+ rating doesn't show as 4.9 stars - it shows as 4.5. A very large difference in visual representation. There are spots in a maker's shop that only the stars shows, so a customer would need to click to see actual percentage (99%). This gives the impression of a lower rating than deserved. I would prefer the star increments be more accurate or round up more accurately, and to also show very prominently the numbers (4.9 and/or 99% positive). The numbers should show anywhere the star graphics show.
(2) Seller replies to reviews are not included. Maybe they aren't part of the json or maybe they are ignored on import. My single 1 star out of 215, from the short timeline able to be imported, was from a customer that never reached out, left no review feedback and did not reply to any attempts to offer support. I would like my future customers to see my reply, to show the quality of support I do try to offer, and that I welcome them to reach out to me.
Love the items I received. Thank you.
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