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Worcester, Massachusetts
United States

Great high quality materials, super excited to be sharing these and promoting my gi shop in such a professional way. Will order again!
Great quality items and very pleased.
I really like these Marketplace That Cares stickers. I added the message "Find me at goimagine.com" with "Search for gripper card holders" in smaller lettering under that.
These are being put on all my outgoing orders in hopes that they will bring in more customers not just to my shop, but to Goimagine in general.
Great stickers! They get the message across in a nice, eye appealing way. I include these on all my outgoing orders.
I may have to reorder when I get low...
Love my business cards. They look amazing. Highly recommended!
I ordered the 2" x 2" Goimagine Round Stickers. https://goimagine.com/street-team/2in-round-gi-stickers/ These stickers will go on the outside of every box I ship, so that every hand that the box passes through, between me and my customer, will see it. Cool! Quality is great, as always. Thanks much! ♥♥
I ordered the business cards and cannot be happier. When I received the proof, I needed some changed and they were done quickly and shipped right away. The quality couldn't be better, very professional. Will order more soon!
Thank You
Everything in my Promo Kit is absolutely beautiful❣️ The post cards are a nice finish. They are 5"×7" and cardstock was thin enough to run through my home printer. I also got both of the pins to wear to in person markets. They're bigger than I thought they would be, which is a positive. Really great quality for the cost.
I bought the business cards and they were fabulous!!! Beautiful and very professional.
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