Mystical Me Designs

Martinsville, Virginia
United States

Hi! My name is Marlena Baker.

I am a jewelry and mixed media artist,  and multimedia creator. I began in 2007.

Everything I offer is designed and crafted by me. I create my pieces and digital content in my home studio, in beautiful Martinsville, Virginia!

I can make just about everything (ish), but one of my specialties is crafting with polymer clay. I love making nature-themed pendants and charms, plus I can create some very realistic looking polymer clay miniatures, which can be crafted into jewelry, deco projects, or used in doll houses. Coffee is also a passion of mine, so you will find a whole coffee collection (Java Jewels).

My other specialty is wire-wrapping. My favorite things to wire-wrap are natural stones and crystals. I believe in the spiritual properties of crystals and other elements found in nature, especially those gathered in sacred or otherwise meaningful areas. My favorite stone is Turquoise, and you will see that in many of my pieces, although I adore just about every type of gemstone.

My digital artwork/content includes apparel, accessories, & decor sold via my Threadless Artist Shop, as well as uniquely designed planners & planner inserts, calendars, charts, & much more (sold here on Facebook). I Also create png designs and sound effects for download.

My newest passion is crocheting and knitting. I make everything from amigurumi, to hats, to adult novelty gifts! Have I mentioned my coffee obsession? Yes I did... but I adore making crocheted coffee cup amigurumi!

**I accept commissions!**

As for my other pursuits, I am a published author, an actor & producer, & special effects makeup artist. Oh, and an eBay reseller.

My current written works and services to the community are centered around diversity. I am Autistic, Queer, & Polyamorous, Agnostic, and want to help others who are wonderful weirdos like me!

My hobbies include reading, fishing, gardening, crochet, and painting. My (Autistic)  special interests are mostly educational -ology subjects. Psychology is forefront, and was my college major. The human mind and social science fascinates me.

Home life includes my husband, 5 kids, and everything listed above.

That's it! Finally it... as you can see I am VERY wordy. Thanks for reading all about me if you made it through. And thank you for your interest in Mystical Me Designs!


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