Magical Mud Ceramics

Xenia, Ohio
United States

My name is Katie Payne, I'm a third child in a family of five. I find myself single in my late forties and have a child graduating high school. I started ceramics about five years ago(2018) under the tutelage of a friend who had been doing ceramics since the early 2000's. I stepped in to help her out so she could go on a vacation without having to shut down her shop. Ever since then, I've been active in the creation of slip cast ceramics. I have more than a thousand molds to choose from to pour. Between my mentor and myself, we have completed over 5000 orders through the course of doing business at other sites and I hope to continue that quality work here.

Before ceramics, I dabbled in all sorts of crafts like, painting, scuplting, cake baking, and so many others. I find all the skills I honed in the other crafts easily translate over to ceramics to help me make the best products I possibly can. 

You can find some of my other ventures over on

I have free painting tutorials over there that you can use to guide you in your painting of the ceramic pieces. 

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