Jewelweed Plantain Frankincense Herbal Healing Salve for preventative soothing anti itch relief poison ivy bug bites

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Jewelweed & Plantain Herbal Soothing  Salve

This salve is not only soothing and itch-relieving, it's extremely moisturizing to dry skin, and keeps skin nourished, supple and soft while the essential oils are fast at work providing relief from the itching. Packaged in reusable 2oz. tin.

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Jewelweed is Mother Nature’s antidote to the  urushiol oils in poison ivy, poison oak and stinging nettle. There’s about a 15 minute window from exposure to these oils until they begin to bond with skin proteins and start to itch and blister, and if you catch it fast you can remove the oils with regular soap and cold water to prevent a reaction. Using a Wash Cloth is really helpful during that process. Mostly we are unaware of being in contact with 

 If you do get a reaction, though, jewelweed is your best option for fast relief! Scratching and rubbing your itchy skin can cause the reaction to spread, and jewelweed neutralizes the poison, stops the spread of the reaction, and relieves itching and blistering skin fast!

Organic Olive Oil infused with whole Jewelweed Plant, 

Organic Olive Oil infused with whole Plantain Plant,

Local Raw Unfiltered Unbleached Beeswax

Frankincense Essential Oil from YL

This salve is EXTREMELY GENTLE even for sensitive skin.
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About Our Salves...
Using local beeswax, high quality oils and only the freshest herbs and botanicals, our salves are a healthy, all natural option for treating topical ailments. We care about what goes into our bodies and since what you put on to your body is absorbed into your body, we care about what goes into our salves. No dyes, preservatives or synthetic fragrances are put into our salves. They are all natural, handmade and effective. Salves, Solid Lotion Bars, Chapsticks differ from Soaps, they are Not a "Wash away"  product, they stay on the skin for hours, so its important that only Best Ingredients are used.

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Hi, my name is Monika Trzcionka and I'm a mommy of 7, and the owner of Moni7Naturals! I make natural soaps, eco sponges, reusable cloth pads, and many more. My goal is to reduce toxic chemicals, and the use of plastic to the bare minimum. My shop provides different types of body products that are simple, natural, eco-friendly, reusable, and safe for the environment. My products are made with love and care! Each product is handmade and in small batches to ensure that you will receive the freshest product. My children love to help me out with shipping the orders and wrapping soap. They are full of ideas! Our motto is "From the mother of 7 to the mother of earth!

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I love soap ends and these were great. A nice variety and very pretty. I will enjoy trying the different types of soap! Thank you!

Karen Lazzara

A beautiful soap with lots of nice details. My order included a free soap that was gorgeous as well!

Karen Lazzara

Super adorable with amazing details. It was packaged so nicely!

Karen Lazzara