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This soft body backpack is made with a neon swirl cotton print. I used a blue cotton to line the interior and pockets that matches the exterior and silver hardware.

Stuff this backpack to the gills and it will still be comfy. Then when it's well used and dirty throw it into the washing machine on cold, hang it up to dry and it will be ready for more. This backpack has loads of pockets on the inside and out to keep all your belongings organized. Perfect for school, a baby bag or travel... It is accepted on planes as a carry on and when not in use is soft enough that it will roll up and fit in your suitcase.

MEASUREMENTS AND FEATURES: Please review these measurements carefully to ensure the bag you wish to purchase will meet your needs

Height- 15 1/2" Width- 17"(when laying flat on a table)

Circumference- 37"

Strap length fully extended- 31" 

Strap width- 1 1/2"

Adjustable straps Drawstring top Machine washable in cold water,hang to dry


1 large inside pocket on the back wall-  height 12" x  width 14" closes with a hook and loop tab

4 Slip pockets on the front inside wall- height 5 1/2"x width 5" 2 Pen slots in between slip pockets  

Front zipper pocket-    height 12"     width 12"

Small front snap pocket-    height 10"    width 8 1/2"  

Side pockets- height 8" width 6" ( pockets have an elastic top to expand for larger water bottles)

My backpacks were designed to be kind to your back and shoulders. I was diagnosed with a mild case of scoliosis when I was a child and have been dealing with back pain my whole life. Every bag I tried ended up hurting me by the end of the day so I had to stop carrying one at all, which created problems of it's own. So... I decided to make my own and through trial and error, ended up creating bags that I could not only wear all day, but every day without so much as a twinge of complaint from my back or shoulders.

This backpack has loads of pockets on the inside and out to keep all your belongings organized. Perfect for school, a baby bag or travel... It is accepted on planes as a carry on and when not in use is soft enough that it will roll up and fit in your suitcase. Though this backpack expands to a large size it also contracts due to the drawstring top to look smaller when a larger backpack isn't needed.

I love buying goods from the hands that create them for a few reasons. One, I like knowing where/who my money is going to. Two, the quality of handcrafted items tends to be so much higher. And three, I like having something that isn't mass produced and owned by millions of others around the world.

My bags were designed to be highly functional, great looking and crazy comfortable. The idea born from years of frustration with bags that cut into my shoulders, snaps and zippers that broke shortly after purchase and others around me with the same experiences... How many bags do you have in your closet that you love/loved, but for one reason or another, don't use? Now that I make my own bags, I can answer that question with....ZERO

Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting the hands of hand crafters across this globe! lara

Lara Howe Designs

Springfield, OR
Welcome to Lara Howe Designs, where every bag I make is one of a kind or a limited edition item.
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My first sewing experience was when I was about 6 or 7. My mother gave me a little sewing kit and using the fabric from a dress I had out grown, sat beneath the apple tree in our backyard and stitched together my first purse.

Years later in my home economics class, Mrs. Kuesler introduced me to the sewing machine and a hot iron and well.... I knew in that moment I had found my "chocolate" in life. You know, the thing that really gets your creative juices flowing and just down right makes you happy. 

It wasn't until our second child was born that I had the idea to sell some of my homemade creations at our local handcraft market. That was 30 years ago... I am still selling at that same market to date.

Thanks to my customers at the Eugene Oregon Saturday Market who pushed me to go on-line with my products, I now ship my bags all over the world now... It just amazes me. Every sale puts a smile on my face and inspires me to keep creating. It's a blessing, as sewing isn't something I's part of who I am. I can no more stop sewing than breathing, it would seem. 

I thank you for visiting my shop and hope you enjoy what you see! If you do...please share or tell a friend. Word of mouth has kept me in business for 3 decades now and I count my blessings for y'all daily!

lara howe

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How it’s Made

Materials used in creating this backpack: Quilters cotton, stabilizer, metal hardware,1 snap, 1 toggle, 1 buckle and a few inches of hook and loop.

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I'v seen this persons work, it's excellent quality. The only issue with my purchase was entirely the fault of the us postal service who sadly lost my bag and are now giving me the run around on the insurance this seller was wonderful enough to have put on the package.