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Professional Massive 3D Printing Service - FDM/FFF

Looking to have a Large or Massive Item 3D printed?

Whether your looking to have a SINGLE print of a cosplay helmet, Custom Guitar Body, Large Statue or Functional Item printed; MAD Made Creations has you covered!

Utilizing our Professional Large-Format 3D printers and Experienced Crew, we have the capabilities to create and/or 3D Print items MUCH larger than our competitors, and in once piece.  

-Massive FDM Build Volume of   600mm x 600mm x 660mm Tall or 23.622" x 23.622" x 26" Tall

No need to spend time and effort assembling tons of smaller 3D printed pieces to complete your larger item or project - save yourself all the mess and let us print your Large or Massive item in a quick, Affordable and Professional fashion!

Send us your 3D model and size you would like for a free quote! Large Format FDM/FFF 3D printing is great for large functional parts/items, Art, 

***Please message/contact for a quote before ordering.*** - after quote process I will create your listing for order!

*****Pricing will be based off material usages, Printing & Labor time and post processing****

*** If you would like to bring us a quote from another printing service, we will do what we can to beat the price!***

Using Large Format FDM/FFF technology; we can print your desired Statue owith virtually zero layer lines and remarkable detail.

Please send me a link to the file you would like printed; or send us an email containing the file you would like printed   ( to ) - for a free quote. 


Free/Paid STL files and models for printing can be found online with a quick search! - or If You Need Something Custom 3D Designed,  you can check out our Custom CAD design Listing and have our Professional In-House designer create and 3D model your exact part just for you!

After you send your model/file - Your chosen custom/desired model will be printed with extreme detail from a UV cured Resin material using some of the latest 4K SLA technology. After printing, the model is then washed & cured in post process with UV light to finish and fully cure the material. 

OPTIONS:   (See Additional Print Technology Information at bottom of listing for more information)

FDM/FFF MATERIAL: - We offer FDM printing in various materials including: 

-Wood-Fill  (finish like wood - Light Wood - Walnut Etc. - Stainable) 
-Metal-Fill (Finish Like Metal - Bronze, Steel Etc. - Polish-able) 


We offer most available colors for each specific type of material/filament - This includes colors such as:
- Contact us for more color available color options for use in your project

-Painting and finishing option available. - Let us send you your highly detailed model with a matching stellar paint job and clear coat finish.
- Custom Lighting  - Solar, battery and wired connections
-Custom Sound Modules for statues and prints. 

Maximum build volume for A SINGLE PRINT:600mm (23.622"") Long x 600mm (23.622") Wide  x 660mm (26") in Height   600mm x 600mm x 660mm Tall or 23.622" x 23.622" x 26" Tall
**NOTE** - Build Volume Above is for SINGLE PRINT ONLY - multiple prints can be made to achieve your desired part size after assembly.

***Depending on part size & complexity please allow 1-2 weeks for order fulfillment. More accurate lead times should be provided with a quote for your order***

Printed Only -  PLA or ABS or ASA or PETG or TPU

Printed and Painted -  Above chosen material for print, Primer, Acrylic Paint, Paint Wash, Clear Coat

MAD Made Creations LLC

Jeannette, PA
Currently booked for our Custom Design orders until April 2024. Please message us if you would like to be added to our wait list for Custom Design orders. We are still accepting Print and Paint service orders only.
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Meet the Maker

Josh (Our 30 year old Master Creator) was interested in CADD Design, 3D Modeling, and loved working with electronics for about 7 years. He began college for CADD/3D Modeling in 2014. Josh was team lead for a tech company doing a lot of intensive work with electronics and able to find jobs almost immediately in CADD/3D Modeling due to his high intelligence and passion for modeling! Shortly after he learned about 3D printing and has been 3D printing ever since. When he first started 3d printing, he started with a FDM PLA printer and now prints with both FDM PLA and SLA Resin printer. He loves being able to create and then print those creations. It started off as a hobby printing some Fan Art for around his home or office but then quickly turned into birthday presents for family and friends. He then began to make custom and functional things for around his home (gaskets, desk fan cover, adapters for his pool, cell phone stand, etc.) Not only does he love to 3D Model and 3D Print, he loves being able to bring joy to his customers by printing items from memorabilia to complete custom items. He was also able to use his talent and skills in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began by being able to print and provide ear savers for the company he worked for at the time. The word of the work Josh had done began to get out! In June of 2020 during the pandemic, Josh started MAD Made Creations LLC to spread his love of 3D printing and designing to others.

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How it’s Made

Made to Order. Custom 3D Printed with various filaments

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