Maker Challenge, Creative Prompts

When you challenge your imagination, creativity emerges. We encourage our community to use these challenges to think outside of their comfort zone and find inspiration that may otherwise have been missed. Pieces can be as literal or as loose as you’d like as long as the theme inspires you!

How to Participate:

  • Create a piece inspired by each theme.
  • List the item in your goimagine shop.
  • Click submit button at the bottom of this page to submit your product by the deadline noted in each challenge.

While we encourage you to create something new for these challenges, if you have a perfect product that fits a theme, please submit it! You can choose to enter all challenges or select the ones that appeal to you. Get the conversation going with other makers working on the same challenge by sharing progress in Maker Circle! And feel free to share with your own followers using hashtag #GImakerchallenge

To Qualify:

  • The submission listing must be “active” in your goimagine shop*
  • The “Meet the Maker” section of your shop MUST be filled out
  • How it’s made” section is encouraged, but not required.
  • Each shop may enter up to 2 products for each challenge.

What if my item sells? You can still qualify! As long as the item remains in “active” status, it can be judged by the goimagine team.


All submissions will be judged by the goimagine team and the top six will be selected for a public vote. The voting window will open shortly after submissions close and will last 1 week. The top two submissions will be featured on goimagine and through social media.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • Winner: 3 months free subscription fees.
  • Finalist: 1 month free subscription fee.

Active Challenges:

Dive into the mesmerizing world of gradients and grids as you craft your next masterpiece. Explore the endless possibilities of blending colors seamlessly across your creations. Or experiment with the structured beauty of pixel-like grids to add depth and symmetry to your designs. Maybe you combine the two to make something truly unique! Color is key in this challenge. Use it boldly, blend it playfully, and push its boundaries to create a piece that captures hearts and minds.

Submissions Due May 31, 2024

Maker Challenge: Let's Get Tropical

Let the island vibes wash over you for this tropical challenge! This is your chance to escape the ordinary and craft something that embodies the hottest tropical trends. Think beyond the expected.  Channel your inner islander and create something that bursts with bold hibiscus prints, sizzling hot hues, and a touch of sunscreen-scented nostalgia.  Fuel your inspiration with a tropical drink while you bring your submission to life.

Submissions Due June 28, 2024

Maker Challenge

Forget about bland basics – this summer’s hottest trend is about embracing bold and beautiful metals. Cool silvers and gleaming chrome are taking center stage, inspired by the rise of the heavy metal aesthetic. This challenge is your chance to explore the beauty of metal in all its forms. Do you envision shimmering jewelry, a functional bag with metal accents, or a home decor piece with a metallic finish? It's time to let your submission shine, literally. 

Submissions Due July 26, 2024