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About this Product

Washable and reusable makeup remover pads. Replace your throw away cotton rounds with this eco-friendly version. Made with cotton terry with silver fibers to help control bacteria. Backed with fabrics that are rescued before going to the landfill. Backing fabrics are limited since the fabrics are mostly small pieces and constantly changing. Get the ones you love before they're gone. Don't like the ones you see? Request a specific color or pattern to see what's available.

Antimicrobial makeup remover pads that are Eco-friendly! A set of 7 pads should last you a week before needing to wash the set. You can choose from the listed fabrics or choose a random set to get pads of several different fabrics. Pads are approximately 4" in diameter but may shrink slightly when washed for the first time.


Makeup remover pads are perfect for removing waterproof makeup and mascara, applying astringent, smoothing on and removing masks and exfoliants, and applying lotions.

**As an experiment, I used the same pad every day for a month. I rinsed it well but didn't wash it and it retained a fresh smell and showed no visible signs of bacteria or buildup of makeup. Although, it did have a shadow on the terry from my waterproof mascara that didn't come off until I washed it in the washing machine. (This was only an experiment. I don't recommend that you use a dirty remover pad.)


~100 % cotton materials

~cotton terry is woven with silver to resist the growth of bacteria

~washable, reusable, sustainable

~large pads are easy to hold

~cleans large areas

~contains fabrics rescued before going to the landfill

~Up to 3+ years of use

Since these are handmade each set will be made from the same fabrics but may not look exactly like the set in the photos.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a trained health professional.

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Needle and Fabric

Iron Station, NC
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Hi, my name is Sally and I'm so glad you're here.

For me, sewing is a passion. I love to create things that I can use instead of going to the big box stores and buy something that was more than likely manufactured out of this country. Everything I make is made completely by hand and most are created with a need in mind.

Please let me share my passion of sewing with you. Take a look around and please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have.

How it’s Made

The cotton terry on the front of each pad is made with silver to help stop the growth of bacteria.100% cotton fabrics that were rescued from going to the landfill are used to make the backing of each pad. These Eco-Friendly pads will last for years and save on waste generated from disposable pads and wipes.

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