24 Assorted Vintage Christmas Holiday teacakes

2-3 weeks. Contact with specific dates if for an event.

About this Product

Assorted available flavors are a mix of gingerbread spice, pumpkin spice, egg nog, chocolate, cream, anise or vanilla.


Everything is made fresh to order, not frozen or “fresh frozen”. 
Because they are made fresh and most listings are custom with the time involved to make each batch please order ahead.

This type of teacake is made different from sugar cookies, the process from the dough for your order until baked is 2.5 - 3 days.

If your order needs to arrive prior to estimated shipping or another specific date please make a note on the order in case of delays to ensure they arrive by the date preferred, do not rely on messages sent as they can get buried. 

These are colored with the flavorings: freeze dried blackberries and freeze dried blood oranges.

Gift wrapping option available.

Perfect with your milk, tea or coffee morning treat!

Macaron/Brownie-ish with a crispy outside. Sweet but not overly as a sugar cookie, these are more "flavor forward" and are perfect to accompany wine, tea or coffee.

No artificial colorings are added unless requested.  
Natural ingredients from scratch. These are made from a rice pastry flour so there is no "Brown Rice" taste.

Except for the Chocolate most are muted pastels due to natural ingredients used for flavoring.

These Tea Cake Cookies are a perfect addition to Bridal and Baby showers, Tea Party, Wedding Party Gifts, Birthdays and any Special Occasion.

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*Custom flavors and quantities available.
*No refunds or exchanges.
*Gluten free and vegan available, comtact prior to ordering.
*Not produced in allergen free kitchen

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