Milk & Mocha Valentine


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Mocha gives Milk a Valentine. Options include cardstock print for $5.00 or stretched canvas frame for $10.00. Both products are 6x6". 

Nadura's Treasures

Chesapeake, VA
Welcome and Thank You for visiting our shop! Please feel free to contact us for custom pyrography at no additional charge! All products ship in 1-3 business days.
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About Nadura's Treasues

Mission Statement

        Nadura’s Treasures wants to create smiles and happiness in the world by sharing our arts and crafts that are made by the heart. Instead of focusing on sales, each brightened face is a success story for Nadura’s Treasures.


        At Nadura’s Treasures, we believe that Love is Love. We are LGBTQ+ members and supporters. We want to provide a safe location for all involved in the community. As long as you are an adult and everything is consensual, then we support you. You can find LGBTQ+ products in our store.

        Mental Health is a major component of Nadura’s Treasures, as you will read below. We understand how debilitating mental health can be. We support those that undergo its daily struggles. We want others to know that they are not alone, we are here for them. We will be an ear if you need one and we hope that our crafts make your days seem not so heavy. Nadura’s Treasures also highly supports those in alcohol and addiction recovery.

The Making of Nadura's Treasures

        The making of Nadura’s Treasures is a nine-year journey that led to our new DREAM jobs. In 2015, Krista graduated college and began working in a city park, a job that aligned with her degree. It was a great start to her dream of working in a state park one day. In 2018, Mike began working full-time as a city landscaper and was very proud of his work. The hours were long, and the work was hard, but he loved it. This job led him to receive his CDL license at the beginning of 2020. Everything was perfect. However, at the end of 2020, Mike was diagnosed with a rare form of Heart Failure, based on a gene mutation, that runs in his family. This led to Mike having to quit his job and become disabled as he was no longer able to do manual labor. Then, in January of 2022, Krista had to be hospitalized for her Mental Health, as she had not been taking care of herself while she took care of Mike. After the hospitalization, Krista tried returning to her full-time career with the city, but after a year of struggling, quit in 2023.

        As sad as this all sounds, it has led to both Krista and Mike being happier than ever before. They began Nadura’s Treasures the same month she left the city. They are now able to spend all of their time together, instead of having to spend so much time apart due to working full time. Krista can now properly take care of herself along with Mike. Both support each other every day in caring for themselves and each other.      

About Krista

        My name is Krista, and I am an 80s baby and a Libra, LOL. I am a nature lover and have a degree in biodiversity conservation. My all-time favorite place to be is out in nature, such as a park, especially if I am near a river or in the mountains. I love bird watching and have my own scope for such journeys, much to my husband Mike’s joking about birders. I was raised as a non-church-going Christian but am now Wiccan and enjoy witchcraft, as both have brought me more peace now than ever before.

        At Nadura’s Treasures I am a pyrography artist and magick crafter. Pyrography is the art of wood burning, and most of my pieces are also accented with watercolors. I burn signs, plaques, ornaments, and boxes at the moment. I also accept custom requests for all of my pyrography works at no additional charge, just contact me for information. I have also painted several acrylic on canvas pieces which I then made into art prints by digitizing them. My Wicca influence can be seen in the magick items I have created, such as Magick spell jars, keychains, and necklaces.   

About Mike

        Hi, I’m Mike and I am Nadura’s Treasures essential oil expert. I create the hand-poured soy candles and the essential oil car air fresheners that are found in our shop. When I am not working on new scents, I am a video game enthusiast, with my favorite game being Destiny 2 where I play a Warlock. I am a recovering alcoholic and a sexual abuse survivor. If I am not working or playing Destiny, Krista and I enjoy watching several tv shows together such as One Piece (anime), documentaries such as Deadliest Catch and all of the Star Trek shows. I also enjoy taking our dog, Luna, on car rides and to parks, when the weather isn’t too hot and humid as I have Heart Failure and those are detrimental. I was diagnosed in 2020 and my heart failure is due to a gene mutation in the Titan gene, a very large yet unexplored gene. Both the heart failure and the gene mutation run in my family. 

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I love penguins, and the painting I purchased is even more adorable in person than the photos!

Amanda Risden


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