Morse Code Bracelet - John 3:16

Please let me know what color you would like

Check out the Morse Code ankle bracelet here!

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$4.50 any size order


Inspiring bible verse bracelet, John 3:16 in Morse code.

For yourself or would make a great gift for bible study friends, confirmation or someone who needs encouragement.

Morse Code bracelets...very personal and meaningful with hidden messages.

Morse code is a method for transmitting telegraphic information, using standardized sequences of short and long elements, or dashes & dots, to represent the letters numerals, punctuation and special characters of a message. Here we've translated letters using beads...hence secret messages known only to the person wearing it.

3 metal choices to choose from

  •     Silver
  •     Gold
  •     Dark Silver/gunmetal

Many choices of filler bead colors available.....let me know your favorite.

Adjustable and should fit anyone.

Get your own custom secret message bracelet!!

$3.99  any size order

Hey Groovy People!! If you like fun, funky and sometimes a trip back to the ’70’s jewelry…..Welcome!!

Some of the styles I make, but not limited to:

*Macrame – of course!

*Gemstones – I’m fascinated by the metaphysical properties and meanings of the stones. The Power is in the Belief…..

*Morse Code Bracelets – a cool way to wear hidden messages and sometimes a pretty cool way to wear “naughty” words to work without the boss knowing.

*Essential Oil Jewelry – using lava stones in the design encourages the wearer to diffuse essential oils on them..creating a calming & zen atmosphere at your wrist or around your neck.

*String bracelets – inspired by those popular sets from Costa Rica, made from brightly colored wax polyester cord, their fun to stack a bunch or wear singly.

*Holiday, themes, bridal, summer, beachy, memory bracelets, pets, kids,  celebrating your triumphs and remembering those who were near and dear to you …. I can help make your ideas come to fruition…..Custom work welcome!!

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