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Oatmeal Milk & Honey Goat Milk Soap, Shea Butter Soap, Free Shipping, Ready to ship

This is the best selling soap online. It's made with finely ground oatmeal and Organic shea butter and the scent is truly outstanding! Vanilla and Honey with a bit of cream and a hint of citrus. Oatmeal is just the thing for dry, itchy or sensitive skin, mature skin as well. 

All of our soap is made in the centuries old "Cold Process" method and cured several weeks to ensure a nice hard long-lasting bar for you! Each 4.5 ounce  bar is made with Olive Oil for its moisturizing properties, coconut oil (fluffy lather) Soybean oil, Goat Milk (see below) Glycerine (helps maintain the skins moisture) Honey (emollient) Vitamin E. We have chosen each of the oils in these soaps for the properties they provide, the way they make your skin feel and the abundance of creamy lather.

We used Goat milk in these bars because it's fabulous for sensitive or dry skin. We used to make the soap without it and once we tried it we never went back!! It makes the pH of the soap much closer to our skin's own natural pH and adds B vitamins as well. We also love the creaminess of the lather the Goat Milk provides. Your soft skin will be happy too! Folks with very sensitive skin have found this soap to be very soothing and non-irritating. Great for mature skin too.

Soap in molds

all of our soap is handmade in the centuries old Cold Process method with Olive oil, honey and goat milk. 

After the soap is made its poured into handmade wooden molds where it sets up for 24 hours. After that, it's sliced and set to cure for a couple of weeks, after that it finally gets stamped and wrapped and ready ro go to your house! 

Soap in molds
Ready to go

Greetings! I am Carla, creator of these amazing products! I am a former Registered Veterinary Technician so you can rest assured that our products remain in harmony with the environment and the Goats are treated with love! 

I am inspired by nature and old movies! I love anything Art Nouveau or vintage, you will see many of the soap labels I designed slant that way! 

I have been making soap and serving several Bay Area Farmers Markets since 2000. Currently you will find me at the following Farmers Markets:

we will not attend Concord 


Tuesdays - Concord - Todos Santos Plaza - 10-2 ( Corner of Salvio / Grant Street ) Year- round


Saturdays - Pinole - Bank of the West Parking Lot - 9 to 1  Year - Round

Sundays - Martinez - Corner of Ferry and Main - 9 to 1 Year - round 

Photograph courtesy Thomas Rimpel

Photo courtesy Thomas Rimpel

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