Original Painting - Whimsical Frida Kahlo -5x5” gouache watercolor on cradled wood panel - ready to hang wall art

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Original Painting - gouache watercolor with encaustic wax finish on 5x5 cradled panel with sides painted and wired - ready to hang. Titled “Flowers & Frida Girl”


Cokato, MN
Welcome! Fine Original Paintings-Modern Florals, Quirky Landscapes, Whimsical Animals.Small to Large in Encaustics, Oils and Acrylics Adorn Your Home with Original Artwork or Give a Gift of Art!Thank you for stopping by!
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My name is Kelly Brown and I am a self taught painter and sculptor.

Mediums: Painting (Gouache-Watercolor-Ink, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel), Clay Sculpture

Genres: Floral Still Life, Landscape, Animal

Experience: 20+ years

Education: Self-taught, Extensive Research, Continuous Art Classes

Checkout my slideshow video on Facebook that includes some of the materials and tools I use to create my encaustics:


Artistic Journey:

For over two decades, I have immersed myself in the world of art, exploring various mediums. My journey began with oil and dry pastels on paper, capturing the essence of whimsy expressionism. Over time, my curiosity and passion led me to delve into gouache, ink and watercolor on boards rather than on paper.

Techniques and Inspirations:

My love for these mediums and their interactions pushed me to find ways to preserve the brilliance of my works. This quest led me to encaustic wax, a medium that not only protects but enhances the depth and luminosity of my paintings.


My artistic style is best described as whimsy expressionism, characterized by bright, beautiful color combinations. I am deeply influenced by the whimsical shapes found in nature combined with forms we construct that invoke inviting American landscape works. Impressions of modern patterns combined with vintage nostalgia memorabilia find their way into the playful yet thoughtful compositions of my floral still life artworks. Last but certainly not least, my animal paintings come from my amusement in their curiosity. Each piece is a vibrant expression of joy and creativity, inviting viewers to experience the world through a lens of wonder and imagination.

Continuous Learning:

Despite being self-taught, I am committed to lifelong learning. I frequently visit libraries, study master artworks and explore the internet to research various mediums and techniques in depth. Additionally, I actively participate in art classes offered by other artists, continually seeking to refine my skills and expand my artistic horizons.

Clay Sculpture:

In addition to painting, I am also passionate about clay sculpting. This medium allows me to bring my whimsical expressions into a three-dimensional form, creating tactile and interactive pieces that complement my paintings.


I live with my husband and my 2 GSD -Evee and Elsa in Central Minnesota in a smaller town surrounded by farmlands, prairies and wetlands that provide an abundance of inspiration for my landscapes and wildlife. I grew up in the Minneapolis suburbs near the city and raised 3 kids while working in the IT side of the health care industry. I recently retired to dedicate myself to my long time dream of creating original paintings and clay sculptures.


I have an Etsy shop and have sold over 900 original paintings and have recently joined Goimage, I am thrilled to be part of this handmade community!

Thank you for browsing my shop!

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Artist Kelly Brown