Phases of the Moon Puzzle - Educational Montessori Toy

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About this Product

A wonderful educational Montessori toy designed to help children learn about the different phases of the moon. All of the Moon Puzzle pieces are removable making this an ideal way for your child to learn.

They must do more than simply fit the piece in the open space. In order to correctly complete the Moon Puzzle your child must understand the and know the different phases of the moon.

The name of each phase is deeply laser engraved.

Your children learn about the different phases of the moon visually and learn their names.

Also included is a laser engraved wood learning key displaying what each phase looks like. This is a wonderful teaching aid as your child works through not only solving the puzzle, but learning something in the process.

The base measures 10.2" x 6.5"
The moon pieces are 2" in diameter
The learning key measures 5.5" x 4"

Everything is included in this listing. The learning board can also be purchased individually in a separate listing.

I can also customize this puzzle with a name or message if you would like to make it an extra special gift.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions

Creative Escape Rooms

Spring Hill, FL

Meet the Maker

Hello! I have been making and designing puzzles since 2010. All of my items are precision cut and engraved on a state of the art laser machine to ensure the highest level of quality.

In addition to the cipher wheels, braille panels, and puzzles you see in my shop I am able to make custom pieces as well. If you want something larger (or smaller) or you want a custom engraving such as a name or logo please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for stopping by my shop

Phil Janelle

Owner of Creative Escape Rooms

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How it’s Made

The puzzle and pieces are cut on a laser machine. I then hand clean each piece and assemble the puzzle before shrinking wrapping it.

Shop Reviews (1)

This was a gift for our toddler granddaughter sent directly to her for Christmas last year. She has been infatuated with the moon. :) We got to see it "in person" when visiting a few months ago. I'm a (retired) Montessori classroom teacher and am sorry I didn't have this beautiful work for my students. It is lovingly crafted and includes a control board. Like many Montessori works this moon chart can grow with the child.

Karen Reck