Pine & Patchouli Deodorant


About this Product

Glide on this smooth deodorant for an all-day protection against B.O. and bacteria. Our deodorant is made without aluminum and baking soda. Instead of using an irritant such as baking soda, kaolin clay is used in its place to pull moisture away from the skin while using antibacterial essential oils to keep the bad bacteria at bay, keeping you fresher longer.

Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, shea butter, palm oil, beeswax, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, pine essential oil, patchouli essential oil, clary sage essential oil.

B's Naturals

Van Buren, ME

Meet the Maker

Hello! My name is BillieJean Mora, creator of B's Naturals. The reason I started B's Naturals was because of skin problems I was having due to allergies. Trying to read ingredient labels on items and being allergic to more store-bought cosmetics and household products was becoming overwhelming. While creating products on my own and learning how much math and science is involved, I fell in love. I have been asked by multiple people to start selling my products and here I am today. A small business owner who strives to create products closest to nature with easy-to-read ingredient labels.