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Needing to add to your prayer list? Grab some of prayer cards. These are a fantastic tool to use with our prayer bowls or by themselves.

Each refill package comes with 24 of our hand-stamped prayer cards.


Boone, IA
At SEVENTH DAY Candle Co. we provide a unique selection of safe, non-toxic, beautiful faith-based candles. Our family uses a combination of both…
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SEVENTH DAY was born out of our love for three things, our love of Candles (obviously), Family, and our Faith. Our name mirrors that, in that, we have seven members of our family, Tyson (dad) and Crystal (mom), Klaire, Emmie, Parker, Charlotte, and Wells. The other significance of SEVENTH DAY is that on the 7th day of creation, God saw that what he made was good and he rested. When we think of candles, We think of taking a time out. Relaxing, taking time to recharge, rest, and find moments of peace. We hope that whether you’re finding time for a bubble bath, a cozy night at home, or in the middle of a relaxing conversation you’ll find peace and comfort while burning your SEVENTH DAY Candle. 

More than we want to sell you a candle, we want to encourage you. We hope to be a blessing big or small, and an extension of God's love. We pray over every candle poured and for the individual or family that receives it. If you have a specific request or need please reach out to us at 

With every candle sold a portion of the proceeds is used to provide random acts of kindness in our local community. Our family is hopeful that SEVENTH DAY Candle Co. will prove to be an extension of Gods love.

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