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Are you a fan of theme parks? Are places like Universal and Disney your happy place? Are you looking for a neat way to take a piece of your favorite place with you everywhere you go?

These charms/pendants are a great way to do just that. This is the Hallows penny.

Pressed pennies, stretched coins, squished cents, we call them by many names. These machines are hiding out in the corners and along the walls of retail shops in the parks. We've all seen them and many of collect them. Insert a buck and out pops a pressed penny with our favorite character pressed onto it. But what do you do with them when you get home from your epic trip? That's the question that I asked my wife. She asked me to get creative and find a solution. At that time, I was just getting into wire wrapping crafts. My first attempts were rough and unrefined. After a few years of practice, I'm confident in my skills enough to deliver you with a fun way to take a piece of your happy place with you into the real world.

Here's how I do it...

  • I go to the parks and many of the resorts in the Orlando area and press the coins on site. It's the most fun part of this craft. 
    • If you see me at the park, please say hello. I usually have a few pieces on me that I'm happy trade for a good conversation. 
  • From there I begin to capture the pressed penny in in a copper wire wrap. 
    • I use dead-soft copper wire in a variety of gauges and shapes to form the frame, bale, and secure the penny.
  • Once I have the penny wrapped securely, I apply a patina.
    • I do this because it's easier to control the end result. If there's a coin with more zinc than copper, the patina helps make the coin easier to present.
  • Then I use a brass brush to bring out the design.
    • My wife hates that part, lol
  • After that I apply protective coating to slow the oxidation process.
    • I use a clear coat designed as a jewelry protectant. It's pretty similar to clear nail polish. 

Care instructions...

  • Feel free to wash your pendant with dish soap and warm water. 
  • You may want to clean and refresh the coating on occasion.
    • Place the pendant in a small amount of nail polish remover to remove the remaining coating.
    • Wash the stripped pendant with warm water and dish soap.
    • Remove any oxidation using light steel wool.
    • Apply clear nail polish to provide more protection.
  • Continue to show off your passion for the parks.

Each pendant ships with a steel cable key loop and a lobster claw clip and they can be displayed in many ways.

Use your charm as a...

  • Pendant
  • Purse Charm
  • Add it to your park lanyard
  • A unique zipper pull
  • Attach it to you key rings
  • + more

Please feel free to reach out to me with any question that you might have. 


Port Saint Lucie, FL
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Hi! I'm Jonathan!

I'm a Husband, a Father, and an Athlete. A few years ago my wife decided that we should start visiting the Orlando area them parks. She enjoys the history and atmosphere of the parks. Although I'm not a thrill ride type of person I figured going to theme parks with her would be a great way to support her passions. She's been a fantastic supporter of mine throughout my athletic endeavors. Along the way she'd been collecting these pressed pennies. I asked her what she planned to do with them, and she didn't really have a solid answer besides "keep them." She challenged me to help her find a better way to show them off. At the time, I was just beginning my journey into wire wrapping. It took some practice, but we reached a point where I felt we had an item that I could present. Since then, I've only gotten better :) 

I've got a touch of the tism, I tend to enjoy learning and practicing new crafts. I was able to apply that part of my life to our theme park adventures. Since then, I've made about a thousand of these charms. I enjoy making each one. It makes me feel like I'm part of sharing the magic. 

I would 10000% love to help you take a piece of the magic with you into your daily life. Share and spread a piece of what makes you happy with others in a polite way. And if you see me at the parks, please feel free to say hello. 

Thank you!

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