Rice bag Microwave neck wrap Floral print heat pack. Heat Pillow Rice heating pad neck warmer Gift for her.

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About this Product

Relief Fibromyalgia gift set eye pillow. Scented Rice bag Aromatherapy heat pad Gift Set Eye pillow and Neck wrap. Wellness is important and in the new trends for self care, the benefits a heating pad can offer are endless.

You like what you see and want more heating pad fabric options visit my shop below
TimelessKreations.net or https://goimagine.com/timelesskreations/

Special offer gift set includes.:
22 x 5 inches Neck wrap
9 x 4 inches matching eye pillow.

Includes washable removable covers

Floral Flax seed Heating pad or rice, Flannel and cotton Spring lime green and zen Gift microwave heat pad.

This is made out of soft tie dye flannel bright green on the backside, helps from neck wrap shifting, holds it in place and soft next to the skin. The front cover is made out of quilters cotton themed fabric zentangle floral, bright greens, purples, blues, yellows and pinks.

These also can help aide with migraines, Fibromyalgia, ear aches, muscle relief, headaches, weighted shoulder pad for relief of tension. If you have questions or concerns for other things that this can help, please contact me.

Mental Health awareness, these will help aide with stress relief, anxiety and will help calm yourself. These make a great gift for a person needing to relax and take time for self care and therapy wellness.

Timeless Kreations

Alamogordo, NM
Timeless Kreations handbags and heating pads microwavable. Wellness Gifts from the Heart. High Quality sewn and created products. Ships from the USA
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Meet the Maker

Crafting unique handmade treasures Welcome to my creative world where warmth meets artistry.

Click to go to my Homepage TimelessKreations.net

Welcome to Our Story

Step into our realm where gifts are not just exchanged, but sentiments are shared. Revel in the timeless allure of handmade essentials that embody the essence of heartfelt gifting and home decor.

Mixed media art, heating pads, and handbags

Very compassionate about my craft, from leather good, cork leather, vinyl, cotton, organic materials, While designing I feel my items come to life, I personally feel the passion created from my soul in each item I share with you.

Discover the artistry woven seamlessly into each creation, crafted with passion and purpose. From cozy heating pads to elegant handbags, explore the world of handmade treasures that elevate everyday living.

Embrace the charm of mixed media art that breathes life into spaces, reflecting a journey filled with creativity and dedication. Every stitch, every design, narrates a tale of craftsmanship intertwined with soulful artistry.

All natural Products Heating pad, heat packs, cold pack microwave heating pad

Washable covers and Heat pads, hot cold heat packs, rice heating pads or Flax seed heating pad inserts, you choose your cover, your choice of rice, flaxseed or combined. Microwavable heating pads, filled with rice or Flaxseed, at the current moment with 14 choices of herbs and essential oils mixed to sooth and comfort an give relief.

Quality products with a professionally sewn items. We stand behind our products and want to make sure that each item you receive or give as a thoughtful gift, feels like a cherished moment.

Wanted to let you know also, that I can do custom orders and or requests. Contact me for a custom order from my shop.

Make it your own. Customize and Personalize your heat pad or a thoughtful gift to a loved one for warmth, comfort and relief.

Being in the military and around a military community learning diversity is an important skill, that I believe is an asset to my business Helping me help you!!

Natural Heating Pad Microwavable Washable covers and Heat pads, hot cold heat packs, rice heating pads or Flax seed heating pad inserts, you choose your cover, your choice of rice, flaxseed or combined. Microwavable heating pads, filled with rice or Flaxseed, at the current moment with 10 choices of herbs and essential oils mixed to soothe and comfort and give relief.

My brand name came from owning my Salon many years ago and the name stuck, my clients would come into get their nails done, and of course because we loved to talk, it would take forever to get the nails done, thus the word timeless, and time would fly. The word Kreations with a K was for my name Kelly and my ability to create awesome one of a kind items with my creativity. Each item is made one at a time with lots of attention to details.


  • Care instructions

To use: Warm in Microwave start at 30 sec intervals up to 3 minutes shaking seeds between heatings., be sure to use a clean plate and keep it away from the walls from the microwave.  These are only suggested instructions to help prevent marks or burning. Larger heating pads may need longer heating times.

Heating pad removable covers can be washed and dried in household washer.

To remove cover, shake heating insert down past the closer, fold over and carefully remove the insert,. Insert can not be washed or subject to water. Cover can be washed.

To replace cover, careful replace insert in the manner removed. Clear fold over flap, flip flap back over to close.

  • What are the weights of the bags offered.

TKD offers, light, average and heavy weight inserts, at the time of check out, please write a note to let me know what weight you would prefer. I will also follow up with you in a message to confirm before making the custom inserts.

  • How are the Inserts Made?

I use the equally divided system: On the long neck wraps, they are divided into divisions equally. That will help the heat distribution and conform better to the area you are wanting to use the heat therapy on. NOTE, Inserts are made at the time of order, filled with herbs, essential oils and your choice of Jasmine rice and or Non gmo organic Flax seed. If you desire something different, contact me for custom order.

  • Do you accept Returns?

Because each of my items are made by custom order and hygiene issues heat pads, TKD does not accept returns. There is a Product Quality Guarantee on each of my items, in the event you feel you item does not meet your standards or you are not satisfied, Contact ME immediately so I can resolve your issue with your purchased item. If a cancellation is required, there will be a 30% restock fee for any and all cancellations.

  • Do you use essential oils or dried herbs in the insert from your heat packs?

In my inserts for my heating pads, I use both dried herbs and Essential oils.

Essential oils will fade fast, they are not made to endure heat for long periods of time.

I have researched this and contacted my vendor, Aura Cacia, they educated me about Essential oils versed the dried herbs.

We discussed what I was using the AromaTherapy for, and they recommended to combine essential oils with the dried herbs to make the aroma last longer.

During the summer months the essential oils aroma fades fast because of the heat, even in shipment. The more exposed to heat the essential oils are, the faster they lose their scents.

  • Are you selling these to cure or make medical claims?

No, I am not a healthcare professional, I am not a physician or acting in the care to treat symptoms, this is my research and findings from products used on myself and or others around me. Hot and Cold packs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health conditions.

  • Do You accept custom or bulk orders?

Yes, please message me to set up a custom order or bulk orders, I often have made bulk orders for Chiropractor offices, Doctor Office, Massage Therapist, Schools working with Autistic Children, Dentist offices and many more professions that use heat packs to aide in relaxation and mental health, and self-care.

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How it’s Made

What type of Material to choose:

 Rice gives moisture when heated and penetrates into muscles. Cold helps injuries and sore muscle.
 Flaxseed made of 30% natural oils helps keep it hot longer. When used cold it stays cold longer.
 Combined Rice flax you get both benefits.

Washable cover heat pad you choose and customize the insert with Rice, Flaxseed or rice flax combination and scented or unscented aromatherapy.

DO NOT SEE THE SIZE YOU LIKE, REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER: no additional fees for a custom order.

Gift set Includes:

  • 22 x 5 inches, Cotton front, Soft lime green flannel back, pattern may vary 750-900 grams, depends on the content of insert.
  • 9 x 4 matching eye pillow all cotton tossed zentangle fabric 10 oz. - 12 oz., depend on content of insert.
  • Washable removable covers: Machine was normal cycle and dry.
  • Long neck wrap Insert is filled rice/flaxseed combo. If you have questions about the weight please contact me.
  • Eye pillow is filled with your choice of rice/flaxseed combo
  • Essential oil of your choice, and or unscented.
  • Suggested Care brochure To use: Warm in Microwave start at 30 sec, and add addition 30 secs until desired warmth.

Quality Guarantee.

Packaged for gift giving ready

Ready to ship!!

Corrugated box, Green Product -This item has been designated by the manufacturer as an environmentally preferable product (EPP) because this item has one or more environmentally preferable attributes.

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Shop Policies

Each item is custom made at the time of the order, I can work with you if there is an issue my goal is to ensure your happiness.

I do however guarantee the craftsmanship of my work and quality. If you have an issue or a concern on fit or care or the standard of quality does not fit your expectation. Please contact me, so we can work out the situation. No refund or returns on products purchased, all sales are final. No cancellations on orders either.

Personalization section is used to get accurate item details for you to customize the product for yourself or a loved one. The personalized area on the shop is not used for a name unless otherwise stated in the description details. By purchasing a product from my shop you understand AND agree to the shop policies and the privacy policies.

Photos listed are the Samples handcrafted ITEMS for sale. Patterns may vary. Each item is custom made

Items ship within 1-2 business days, unless it is a weekend or Holiday, or if posting states longer time to prepare. Our local post office closes at noon on Saturdays. During the week the last package going out is at 2 PM, MST. 

Holidays are longer then usual shipping times. Please allow extra few days for packages to arrive.

Once the goods have left my possession with certified tracking and have been registered as delivered, the shop is no longer responsible for the product loss. As a purchaser, if the package has been misdelivered or lost, that is your responsibility to take up with the carrier. At every purchase each item is insured and a tracking number is provided at the time it is shipped.

I am not a healthcare professional, I am not a physician or acting in the care to treat symptoms, this is my research and findings from products used on myself and or others around me. Hot and Cold packs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health conditions.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my shop and my one of a kind items.


Be Safe and Healthy

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Shop Reviews (426)

Great item, nicely packaged! Makes a perfect gift!


Wonderful gift, well crafted, directions clear and shipping was quick. Seller also has great communication with you:)


Perfect as always! Thank you once again. I’ll be a repeat customer for as long as you’re on Etsy.