Custom made hand tooled leather slings

Shipping is from 6-8 weeks

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Custom made leather sling with adjustable length, 27" - 33" and can be made in different lengths. These are hand made out of 8-9 oz. leather and are approx. 2 1/4" at the widest part and narrows down to 1". These are treated with 100% pure neatsfoot oil. Designed to attach to 1" swivel brackets(brackets not included).
There are many different designs such as animal heads, names, initials, or custom designs where you can let me know the design you want when you email me.
I have customized a lot of designs for my customers.
There is a choice of many different colors and the last picture is a color chart that will maybe help you choose the color dye you want. Please remember, the darker the dye, the less prominent the design will be. Leathers can all take dye differently so the color you order may not turn out to be the exact color on the color chart.
These slings can also be lined or have padding added which will cost more and you'll need to send me an email for prices.

If you have any questions please ask.

I can put other designs on it for you and also a name or initials but you'll need to email me and we'll discuss the design you want and then I can get back with you and let you know a price and I'll have to create a custom order for you. Email:  

Shipping time is from 6-8 weeks.


Alberton, MT
HI Folks and welcome to MontanaStansLeather. Due to the rising cost of supplies unfortunately I have had to raise my prices to adjust for inflation.…
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I am a 70 yr. old cowboy. I started working with leather when I was 13 yrs old until I went into the military.  After that I worked in feedlots, worked on ranches and trained and showed horses and in that line of work there was always leather to be repaired or things to be made. I always enjoyed working with leather so I decided to open shop and do it full time. I enjoy doing custom work so if you have an idea of what you want or you see something I've made that you like, please feel free to contact me.

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There are no returns on custom made items, sorry. If there is a problem though please contact me.