PROSPERITY Moss Agate Citrine Tiger Eye Amethyst Crystal Bead Diffuser Bracelet ~ Grow Expand Your Biz

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About this Product

PROSPERITY EXPANSION & ABUNDANCE~ Genuine Crystal Bead Intention Bracelet 

Sound Cleansed. Reiki Charged, Infused with Intention and Love ~ 

Grows and Expands Your Business and Adds New Opportunities 

Contains Moss Agate Aventurine Citrine Tiger's Eye Amethyst and Quartz Crystals 

Wenge Wood Centers, Calms, & Balances ~ Rub Essential Oil into the Wood

Beads Used are 6mm and 8mm Sizes.

All of our Genuine Crystal Jewelry Pieces are Hand-Crafted inside a Sacred Circle, Cleansed, and Infused with Intention, Love, and Healing Reiki Energy. Typical Stretch Size is 7" which can stretch to almost 8-1/4" to slide easily over the hand. Some are available for a larger wrist at 8" to 8-1/2"


Myrtle Beach, SC
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Meet the Maker

We are Ron & Deb Gossett, Co-Owners of RNDCreations. I am a Natural Healer, a Certified Reiki Master, a Certified Crystal Healer, an Intuit, and an Ancient Alchemist. We offer Essential Oil Blends and Intention Crystal Jewelry. All items are hand crafted inside a Sacred Circle, Cleansed, Reiki Charged and Infused with Intention and Love directly from My Heart Chakra. 

Contact Us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. We are here to help. We love to tailor all that we offer to Individual Need ~ Bracelets, Necklaces, Car Protection Charms, Amulets, Talismans, Bookmarks, Keychains, and Earrings for our Intention Jewelry and Our Own Custom Essential Oil Blends for a Variety of Uses, Issues and Activities ~ 

All Essential Oil Used are 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade, Organically Grown and Responsibly Sourced. Our Oil Blends are Hand-Crafted When Ordered So We May Need an Extra Day or Two to Process Them Before Shipping. Thank you for your Patience - 

All Hand-Crafted Products are Proudly made in the USA! 

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How it’s Made

All Essential Oils used in our Blends are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade, Organically Grown, and Responsibly Sourced. Our Products are Crafted Inside a Sacred Circle, Cleansed, Reiki Charged and Infused with Intention and Love directly from my Heart Chakra. 

Shop Policies

Our Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends are hand crafted as ordered. As a finished product, they are Cleansed, Reiki Charged and infused with Intention and Love Directly from My Heart Chakra. Please allow an additional day or two before shipping. Thank you for your patience. 

Most of our Intention Jewelry Pieces are already crafted when they are posted. We ask a day or two to Cleanse, reiki Charge and Infuse with Intention and Love Directly from My Heart Chakra. Thank you for your patience. 

Our Intention Jewlery should be cleansed periodically. There are several ways to cleanse crystal jewelry. My Personal Favorite is Sound Cleansing. 

  1. Sound Cleansing by ringing a bell or clapping your hands. This activity will break up any negative, stale, or stagnant energy or debris that may have attached themselves to the jewelry. 
  2. Smoke cleansing by burning certain herbs. This is a Sacred Practice and there are Rules to Follow in order to Perform this type of Cleansing Properly
  3. Under running clean filtered water. If you select this method, be sure the crystals are all water safe. Selenite, Angelite, Howlite and several others are not safe immersed in water for any length of time. 
  4. Under the Energy of the New Moon ~ may be contained in a glass container with a clear see-through lid. Be sure to retrieve before sunrise. May be placed inside on a windowsill. 

We Accept Returns but there are Rules. Item must be in same condition as received. Unused, unworn, and with seal intact. Please return all packaging material, and original box. Buyer pays return shipping. 

Please Check Out Our Facebook Group <Essential Oil Remedies by Deb> for lots of free information about our Intention Jewelry, how we craft our creations, unique ways to use essential oils, diffuser recipes, and other fun stuff weekly. 

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