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Rainbow Pride box chain pattern chainmaille necklace made with 1/4" anodized aluminum rings in a full rainbow of colors with a large stainless steel lobster clasp. This necklace measures 20.5" inches long and is made of over 300 rings.  Nickel Free jewelry makes a great gift for any occasion.

*Length can be adjusted upon request.
+This item can be custom ordered in other colors.


Cairo, GA
Welcome to RainbowMaille, all paintings are original works, wire trees can be custom ordered and I try to keep all the jewelry nickel free. Happy shopping!
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Meet the Maker

Hello, my name is Amanda, I am a housewife, a cat-mom, a rainbow lover and Maker of many things. 

It seems like I have always been crafting something. I learned to sew, crochet, and embroider from my grandmothers when I was young and that was just the beginning of my love of making things. I have gone through phases in my life where I have crafted many things, it seems like almost everything. I love embroidery, cross-stitch, and floral arranging but I have also made Christmas wreaths, scrapbooks, and leather crafts.

I started making chainmaille jewelry around 2012. It didn't take long for "playing with rings" to become an addiction. As I learned more chain patterns, I also learned to use better quality rings and materials. I still love light-weight, small silver- and gold-plated rings, but I also use a variety of anodized aluminum of various gauges and sizes. I am careful to make sure that all my rings are made with nickel-free materials, but occasionally some clasps and charms are not guaranteed nickel-free. I know lots of people have metal sensitives and allergies (I do too) and I promise to clearly mark all of my products, so that you will always know what you are getting.

Part of why my chainmaille is priced higher than some others is because of the number of hours I spend on each piece. I probably could make things faster, but they would not be the quality I expect of myself. I am a bit O.C.D. so I tend to obsess over my ring closures. I know it is not possible to close every single ring perfectly, but I try.  I aim for tight fits with good alignment not only side to side but top to bottom. In general, if I can see space/light then it's not right and I will do it again. I believe that gaps and misalignment lead to snagging and snagging leads to damage and breakage, so I work very hard to avoid that.  

In recent years I have also started to make art in various other forms and mediums, from wire tree sculptures to paintings on canvas and the occasional combination. 

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How it’s Made

A glimpse into RainbowMaille's studio

Chainmaille is an addiction that pairs nicely with my OCD, counting out rings and lining them up in neat rows and patterns before assembly is very calming. There are many different types of rings not just sizes (diameter) or gauges (wire thickness) but actually different materials (metals), plus a nearly endless possiblity of patterns. The majority of RainbowMaille's chainmaille is made with a rainbow of high quality anodized aluminum rings from TheRingLord.  Although I do still occassionally work in smaller gold and silver plated rings and recently started using some EPDM rubber rings as well. 

A note from TheRingLord about their process :  Made using a bright anodizing process, the result is a very consistent color batch that is shiny. The ends of these rings are not anodized as they are cut after anodizing. The anodizing process used to make these rings is FDA approved for cookware.  Anodized aluminum coating is fairly hard but can be scratched with steel. We use a hard temper aluminum which is stronger than colored copper while being lighter than copper.

In order to reduce scratching or marring of rings while being worked my pliers are coated in a "plasti-dip" coating regularly. In order to reduce scratching and irritation of buyers I work hard to get my ring closures as close to perfect as possible, not just in side to side alignment but also top to bottom and closed tightly with no spaces or gaps. Misalignment or loose closures with spaces can lead to problems with snagging, ring stretching and breakage.

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Shop Policies

Welcome to RainbowMaille, I try to use only nickel-free and hypoallergenic materials in my jewelry, if I ever use anything that is not nickel-free the listing will specify that.  The wall art is not made with nickel- free materials because it is not meant to be worn.

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Returns are accepted within 14 days of delivery, money will be refunded after the product is returned. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

If an item is broken or damaged in shipping I will repair or replace it at no charge, please message me to make arrangements.    4rainbowmaille@gmail.com

Cancellations are accepted before orders ship but be warned I ship quickly often same day on completed items.
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*Please make sure to provide a correct/current address. I am not responsible for misdirected packages due to incorrect address information provided by the buyer.

  • Custom orders and wholesale

I will happily do custom orders for chainmaille jewelry or wire tree art, just contact me and tell me what you want. There is no design fee for custom work. However, if it requires the purchase of special materials there may be a variance from standard pricing.

I will not do wholesale due to the number of hours I put into each piece, although, I may offer some discounts on larger/multiple piece orders, email for details.    4rainbowmaille@gmail.com

  • Privacy Policy

RainbowMaille does not receive any payment information and will never share your personal information such as name and address. Any information provided is used solely for the purposes of: communicating with you about your order, fulfilling your order. 

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Shop Reviews (2)

Quality is 100% and I will buy again and again!

Kathleen Carter-Ball

This rainbow bridge keepsake is beautiful. It really touched my heart to have something so special for the loss of my fur baby. The hand written note from the seller meant a lot. I definitely recommend this shop.

Kimberly Cap/Capable By Design