Red Lily Crochet Plant Hanger, Red Flowers Planter for Indoor Plants


About this Product

2 red lilies. 

2 flowers with 6 petals. 
4 adorable little flowers nestled into the hanging strings of this beautiful crocheted plant hanger.
This hanger will add a pop of color to your hanging collection. I just love the string of turtles in this one, don’t you?!

I used a variety of pot sizes and styles so you can see how it looks in different sizes. you can even use a bowl. 
The green pot is 4 inches, the white pot is 6 inches, as is the gray pot.

A wooden ring brings it together. The strings are 16 inches long, total length will vary depending on the width and height of the pot you use.

My crochet plant hangers make great handmade gifts. Each design was painstakingly created through trial and error until I got the pattern just right! I'm a plant enthusiast, you'll find these hanging everywhere in my house. Cute plant hangers are an excuse to buy more plants. I now tell my husband I needed a new model for a plant hanger when he gives me side-eye


Mount Pleasant, TN
I am a huge nature enthusiast, my little shop will reflect that. I crochet plant hangers and nature bookmarks using cotton thread, and I create all…
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Hello folks! My name is JoJo, I am the creator of HangIt by JoJo and mom of two. I love nature! My front yard is packed with flowers and my home is filled with plants.

I started crocheting when I was a teenager when I inherited my grandmothers crochet supplies, and fell in love with the art. I started reading books and watching videos on how to crochet and since then have become skilled at free handing with a crochet hook! I crochet a lot of things for my home, but I especially love working with thread for the most intricate details.I started out making flower bookmarks but since I have plants all over my house, I started crocheting plant hangers that where different than anything else I’d been seeing on the market. I am excited to offer these products to you, I certainly enjoy using them in my home!

Me and my little gang!