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A truly scrappy quilt, this one is perfect for those extra-long twin beds in dorm rooms!  The strips of fabric running every which way look like ribbons and give this quilt a playful personality.  As an added bonus, it will work with any decor. Sashing strips of soft sky-like fabric define the ribbon blocks. The backing is a soothing gray and white print, and the cotton batting makes it snuggly and drapeable.

Dimensions: 56" x 82"


Tega Cay, SC
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“I made quilts as fast as I could to keep my family from freezing and as beautiful as I could to keep my heart from breaking.”    

                                                                      ---Nebraska homesteader

Technically, a quilt is a bed cover, a sandwich of three layers: the quilt top, a middle layer of batting, and a backing.   But it is so much more than that.  A quilt is a smile, a memory, a comfort, a hug, a hope, a history.  It is an expression of love.  It softens the hard edges of life.

My name is Sharon, and my mission is to provide my customers with beautiful quilts that I hope will be used not only for physical comfort but also to delight their senses.

I enjoyed a long career as an elementary school librarian, but for years my creative spirit yearned to turn my quiltmaking hobby into a business and make quilts for others.  I was running out of space to keep them all to myself!  After I retired in 2018, I acquired a longarm quilting machine and now I can devote every day to my dream.  

When I’m not sewing and quilting, I am working in my garden. By the way, gardening is a lot like creating a quilt, only with plants instead of fabric.  Color, shape, lines, space, texture, composing a pleasing pattern:  it’s all there!

Here’s a peek of me in my studio, aka my playroom.  And yes, there are Christmas lights hanging over Millie, my longarm.  After all, every day in my studio is like Christmas to me!

My favorite quilt is always the one I’m working on currently.  However, I am partial to scrappy quilts. They are like a happy dance, a color riot where everyone gets along, plays nice, and embraces each other’s differences.

Have a look around my shop and see if something speaks to you.  If you feel inspired and would like to pursue a quilt in your choice of size, colors, and pattern, please reach out.  I would love to design a custom quilt with you and bring your ideas to life. I take pride in being an excellent communicator, and I involve my customers every step of the way until their quilt is in their hands. I think of my customers as family.

I also make t-shirt quilts, a popular graduation gift, and memory quilts made with special pieces of clothing from a loved one. I am deeply honored to commemorate a special life in this way.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, put your feet up, and enjoy the quilt show!

May the colors of your life be bright and the threads in your life strong.

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Shop Policies

Processing time:

Time for preparing an order for shipping varies, depending on whether it is an in-stock quilt or a custom order.  The details can be found in the listing for the item.

Custom orders:

I am now accepting custom orders for 2023.

Returns and Exchanges:

Returns and exchanges are accepted if item is returned in original condition and unused. The item must be shipped back at owner's expense within 3--5 days after receiving it.  I want you to be completely satisified with your quilt, so if there is a problem or concern with your order, please contact me and we will sort it out.

Returns and exchanges are NOT accepted for custom orders.

Caring for your quilt:

Handwashing is best but not always practical for a large quilt.  Machine wash on the delicate cycle with cold water and a laundry detergent for delicates, such as Ivory or Orvus Quilt Soap. Wash the quilt by itself with lots of water to minimize stress on the stitches. Use Color Catchers for quilts with saturated colors.

The best way to dry a handmade quilt is to dry flat.  Never dry by hanging. The next best way is to dry on low heat for the first few minutes and lay flat to finish air drying. If you must tumble dry, you can, but try not to do it often; the heat can damage fabrics and fade colors over time.

To handle stains, be gentle.  Start with a solution of mild laundry detergent and water; apply a few drops on the spot then blot gently with a sponge. Spray water on the spot several times to rinse and blot each time with a towel until the soap is removed.  Let air dry.

Instead of pulling at loose threads, snip them carefully with scissors.

Store your quilt away from direct sunlight and odors.  Do not store quilts in plastic, cardboard boxes, or trunks.  The best way to store them when not in use is rolled up like sleeping bags in cotton pillow cases.  If you fold your quilt, re-fold it periodically in a different way to minimize creasing. If you hang your quilt, unless it is a very small quilt, don’t hang it by just the corners; this puts stress on the fabrics and the stitches.

Very Important Tip:  Be careful with dogs around your quilts! They are notorious for chewing holes in quilts and ruining them. Please beware.

Most importantly, snuggle with your quilt often!



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