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All type ball orders ship with a couple of these, but if you need more or need clips for your IBM elements with broken caps here you go. They're FDM printed with PLA filament. As you can tell from the photo they're a little rough, but they do the job.

Here's the 3D model if you want to print it yourself:

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Austin, TX
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Hi! I'm Dave, a techy/engineery guy who recently discovered and fell in love with Selectric typewriters. I've been collecting unwanted Selectrics from Goodwill because I love getting them working again and I can't bear the thought of them going to the scrap yard, but now I have more than anyone should. I realized I'm basically a cat lady but for Selectric typewriters--I'm running a shelter for feral Selectrics. So the logical next step is to make it a rescue organization and put these noble machines up for adoption after getting them cleaned up and purring (sorry) again.

Once I'd collected most of the existing IBM type balls I wondered what it would take to make new ones. I assumed it would require injection molding, but through a random internet connection I found that UV resin-based printing can indeed produce a working type ball, and then I discovered that even the cheapest resin printers on the market do a respectable job. I spent the summer fine-tuning the design and now, after countless hours of testing, here they are!

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How it’s Made

FDM printed with PETG filament (not PLA like in the photos, those weren't sturdy enough)