Simmering Salts - potpourri - Sentimental Mood scent

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About this Product

A luscious combination of Himalayan pink salt, fragrance oil, and shimmer to beautifully perfume your living spaces.

Net wt. 4 oz (100g)

Feels like: 
Hugging a teddy bear
Nights at summer camp
Looking through old photos

Smells like: 
Peony, Tangerine, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Sandalwood


Add around two teaspoons of the simmering salts to a wax warmer. 
We recommend tea-light or electric. Do not use an oil burner.

Salts do not melt. Just dispose of the salts when scent is gone. Please use a trash receptacle and not a drain.
If some salts are spilled while handling, simply vacuum them up.

Pro tip: 
Place some salts in an organza bag and place around the home such as a linen closet.

Note that, due to supply chain uncertainty, packaging may differ from the photo as well as the coarseness of the salt grain and the amount of shimmer.



Always place warmer on a level surface.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Never place a warmer near another heat source.
Never leave a warmer unattended.
Never touch or move a warmer when hot. 

Not for consumption.
Wash immediately after contact with skin.
Only place on cleanable surfaces.


Alpharetta, GA
Nontoxic fragrances with environmentally friendly packaging. How refreshing.
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Meet the Maker

I'm Kristin and I'm located in Georgia. I make small batches of home fragrance products right in my kitchen. I love experimenting with new scent and product ideas, and it's exciting to hear about what other people gravitate toward.


How it’s Made

Our own custom blend fragrance oil and mica are added to Himalayan pink salt.

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I ordered the simmering salts in Ambitious Mood scent. Love it! I especially like the resealable packaging, works great. Will definitely order more products.

Melissa Fadeley