True Skin Nutrition Age Defying Healing Pearl Powder

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About this Product

Our Pearl Skincare Powder is a powerful aging skin remedy. Just one application, and you'll experience an immediate difference.  What lies deep within the pearl has the power to renew, restore, and promote healing from scarred skin, skin ulcers and melasma. Use daily for deep true skin nutrition which reveals visibly brighter, lighter, toned skin that's smooth, healthy and radiant.  Full size sifter jar last 3+ months depending on use. net wt 8g

So many benefits, it will quickly become your bff!

  • Overwhelming reduction in wrinkles, age spots, dark patches
  • Corrects sun damage, prevents pigmentation
  • Stimulates the growth of new skin
  • Beneficial in soothing cuts, sunburn, diaper rash, chapped lips
  • When made into a paste, it heals rashes and boils

To Use:  Can be used as a night treatment, brush it on (I use a kabuki), and you are done! Do not wash it off.  And if you want to use a night cream, let the powder set for a few minutes, then apply night cream over the powder. Do not wash it off, let it love your skin overnight.  

Prefer a morning treatment? Lightly brush powder on cleansed skin, moisturize and let it set for a few minutes. Continue with makeup routine.   TIP: If you have extremely dry skin, mix with your favorite moisturizer and apply.  Can be used as part of your daily am/pm skincare routine.

Ingredients: 100% Authentic Crushed Freshwater Pearls, Allantoin, Silk Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Iron Oxide.


Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics

Clinton, IN
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Meet the Maker

Hey everybody!

My small business started in 2004, but had been a dream of mine since I was a teenager growing up in Kentucky. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and always felt like an ugly duckling in high school. I was athletic and played sports, but deep down, heck-- I just wanted to be pretty!

I can remember shopping with my mother one time and buying a makeup kit without her knowing. Mom and Dad somehow found it and my punishment was that I couldn’t play in the next basketball game. And to make matters worse, Dad told Coach what happened! After that, Coach started calling me “Cover Girl”!

Then off to college I went! I’d stop at a friend’s house on weekends home to take my makeup off first because I knew my parents would be so upset. But during the week, I wore it and LOVED it.

Every dime I earned in college was spent on cosmetics and a little Boone's Farm wine! Makeup was fun and I felt like I fit in and free for the first time in my life.

Then came those awful breakouts. I knew it had to be the makeup since I was lucky enough to not have acne in high school. While whining to the girls about how to clear it up, I stumbled across some information about making your own makeup and skincare.

Honey, that little nugget of info sparked a fire in my heart!

But, as usual, life happened...

Years later, in comes eBay. Completely fascinated, I began selling shoes and clothes, and built a nice little customer base. That fiery info nugget soon reignited and I said..."Self, why don't you make your dream come true?"

So I started researching online (much easier than a library, mind you)! I started with $100 bucks to my name to order some ingredients and to get a coffee grinder at Wal-mart. After many messes later, I was confident enough to put some of my formulations on ebay to auction. With determination and tenacity, my dream was born.

Many people have asked why the name Southern Magnolia Minerals. Well, being from the South was a start! Two memories stand out for me: First, is seeing large trees with huge creamy gorgeous white flowers nestled amongst large deep green leaves… what a beautiful contrast! And second, a fair come to town every summer called the "Magnolia Fair." And that, in a nutshell, is how the name came to be called Southern Magnolia Minerals!

I'm proud of what I have created to share with you. It is personal, a testimony that I can overcome obstacles, overcome my past, and with persistence, positivity, and the gift of laughter, I can do what my lil' ole heart desires.

I want to inspire every woman to embrace their imperfections and be comfortable in their own real beauty. And of course, a little love and laughter goes a long way too! My business is successful because I get so much joy from a smile, it's an instant mood booster for me and the person looking in the mirror!

I don't do this for money, I do it because it is truly my passion. I remember where I came from, and that keeps me grounded, it keeps me real. Makeup is simply a tool I can use to help others feel good, the way it made me feel one should ever feel like an ugly duckling!

I repeat this mantra daily...I believe in God, I believe in myself, I believe in the future!

This is why my handcrafted makeup and skincare is phenomenal and why the commitment to my customers is #1… and this is why I am Southern Magnolia Minerals.

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