(Sold Dillo 21 $150) Handmade Emperor rollerball pen in Maple Burl


About this Product

"This is a rollerball pen turned out of Mahoganyl with metal components in a sterling silver finish. The refill is a Schmidt rollerball refill. The cap does not post. The length of the pen is 6 inches and the weight is an eye-popping 86 grams. The heaviest pen I have in my inventory. And the finish on the hardware is outstanding. I'm tempted to keep one of these for my own. "


Friendswood, TX

Meet the Maker

I first got into a woodshop during college. Took one course on woodworking and was not able to finish the project because of time constraints. It would be several years before I was able to complete that project, with the help of a family friend. Since then I've added a shop onto my house and get in there and work as often as I can.

That shop is also where I do my stained glass. Mostly pieces for myself and friends, but I'll occasionally get a bee in my bonnet and do a piece on spec that I love, but does not fit in with the house.

The chainmaille is a recent restart. I stopped doing it because I thought my pets might swallow the rings. (They are now old enough, and slow enough, that I can catch them before they try anything.) I was initially intrigued at a Renaissance Festival (and am working on a mail shirt off and on) and am now intrigued by the massive variety of weaves that are out there.

I've recently acquired some leatherworking supplies, and am starting to increase my skill in that medium.  Feel free to drop me a line with questions about my items, possible commissions or anything up my alley.

Thanks for stopping by, Scott (aka the Mad Moravian)

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