Solid Lotion Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin in a Reusable Tin. Indulgent Solid Lotion with an Apple Blossom Scent. Help for Aging, Dry Skin.


About this Product

This listing features our solid lotion for your face called the Face Blossom Heart. It is an ingenious way to moisturize and works wonderfully well on aging and dry skin. It features butters like Kokum and Murmuru Butters and exotic oils like Meadowform Seed Oil, Papaya and French Plum Seed Oil as well as classic standards like Jojoba and Apricot Seed Oil that are wonderful for your face. It even has Olive Squalene that helps your skin hold moisture. It is a little solid face moisturizer in a heart shape that feels dry unto you hold it. It quickly softens as you hold it in your hands and leaves a gorgeous sheen. You take the moisture in your hands and either pat it into your skin or massage it in. I use either a face cleanser before, or my Fruit Face Elixer, or spritz my face with a bit of a hydrosol or rose water, or a sprinkling of water. It loves to seal in a bit of moisture though you can also use it on its own. I use more of it at night so it sinks into my skin and plumps it overnight and in the daytime, I use a smaller amount and it works wonderfully as a base for makeup or under your preferred sunscreen. A client who bought one a few weeks ago, just visited me and told me her wrinkles on her forehead go away when she uses it and she just loves it!! She has terribly sensitive skin and was nervous it might caught her issues but she's pleasantly surprised. Our face heart smells gently of apple and apple blossoms. It's an essence I ordered from France and the only natural apple essence I have found. It's delightful and gently sweet. The oils have anti-aging and regenerative properties alongside hydrating and plumping ones. If you have sensitive skin, do a test patch first on your arm or other area and wait 24 hours if concerned about reactions as you should with any products. This contains very benign but helpful ingredients, but each of us is different. Each Face Heart comes nestled in a small cloth inside a little metal tin with flowers on it. <3 *None of the statements or products have been evaluated by the FDA ** Face hearts can melt some when exposed to extreme heat *** Contact me if you have any specific allergen questions #Solidlotion #factheart #solidfacemoisturizer #antiaging #formatureskin #fordryskin #minimalistmoisturizer #portablecosmetics** *** This item is delicate and may melt in extreme heat when shipped in during summer. If it does, just place the tin in the refrigerator and use as a balm. It's just as delightful and the refrigerator actually helps to enhance its delicate scent!

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I'm DK and I love what I do. I create natural, safer scents that are unusual, delicious and decadent and I make perfumes and luxurious lotions from them!

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