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About this Product

Stimming Chewelry, Adult Chewelry, sensory Seeking, T-shirt necklace, Toy Stim, Chewanators (named by my son) or whatever you like to call them are a fabulous and discreet way to fidget. 

These T-Shirt necklaces are an amazing way to save clothes, finger nails, pen caps, hoodie strings, and other items. 

All necklaces come with a break-a-way safety clasp. They come in any length or colors you choose. Just leave the length and color or colors you would like in "comments to the seller" at checkout. 

These are great for everyone! People that like to fidget and need some sensory input while they sit, work on a project or whatever it is you need to focus on. Those with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Dementia and so many more.

Not for children under the age of five. Children should always be supervised while wearing them.

Chewanators with Style LLC

Fort Wayne, IN

Meet the Maker

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Shop Policies

Not for children under the age of 5. All necklaces should be checked daily for wear and tear. 

NO returns accepted.