Tarot Bag - Altar Cloth Bag - Mystic Rose Tarot - for tarot readings and divination, runes, crystal reading, dice

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​Select all-natural cotton, poly satin, or luxurious silk

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Original designs by Artist Wendy Wilson of Magic in Your Living RoomDesign: Mystic Rose Tarot

Our big, 9x7 tarot or altar bags come in 3 fabrics: all-natural cotton, shiny polyester satin, soft 100% silk. All are lined with the same fabric. Big enough for large decks... big enough for a smaller deck and one of my tarot cloths. The bags are also good for herbs, dice, runes and crystals. They are big enough for a small altar kit. The bags are available alone, but consider buying the set.

Mystical Rose is a design for tarot readings and divination. The names of the Tarot Trumps circle the ring of roses. In the center is a spinning design, symbolic of the changes in fortune time brings.

The bags are available in your choice of fabric, either all-natural cotton (with a cotton lining) or polyester satin (with a poly satin lining).

* Samhain * Yule * Imbolc * Beltane * Litha * Lammas * Mabon *

Magic in Your Living Room

Franklin Park, NJ
Magic in Your Living Room is a source for beautiful art for your tarot readings or your altar. Our designs are beautiful, meaningful and deeply…
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We are Wendy and Aaron. After Wendy retired from the IT world, she started Magic in Your Living Room as a platform for her spiritually based art. It took time but sales began to increase, so Aaron joines Magic in Your Living Room with a lifetime of working in wood, metal and now fabric to manage the production end of the business.