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The Terra Ringer Tee collection celebrates the colors of nature. Each handmade tee features unique artwork imprinted on super-soft, brushed fabric. Vintage-inspired, ridiculously comfortable, and fun to wear, this tee might be your new favorite!

Designed and handmade by me!

ONLY ONE OF EACH SIZE IS AVAILABLE. If the size you need has sold out, I will let you know and will refund your purchase.

Body: 96% polyester/4% spandex

Bands: 100% cotton

Yonder Couture

Hoschton, GA
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I'm Rachel, a maker of all the things. I especially love to make versatile women's clothing and accessories that make me feel beautiful - regardless of trends or "rules." As I grow in this space, I hope that you'll find unique items that make you feel special. Please visit regularly to see what's new. I only make what I'm inspired to create and quantities will be small - so grab what you love when it's listed!

I am open to special requests, but not currently accepting commissions. Trying to keep my love for making focused on the project at hand!

And, friend, your style is fashion... don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


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