Tiny Sterling Silver Bee on a Customized Hypoallergenic Jewelry Post

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About this Product

Hi! Please read this to know EVERYTHING.
~~~The Earrings~~~

THEY COME IN SINGLE UNITS (ideal for helix, cartilage, tragus, daith, conch, labret piercings) so if you're getting them for your earlobes, you would need to order 2 to receive a matching pair.

Look in the UPGRADE shop section for a variety of other post options. However, this design is large enough that it will not work as a nose piercing.

~~~ Tiny Silver Bee ~~~

I couldn't resist these tiny sterling silver 3D bees. They measure about 8.5mm x 7mm.
But look at them!!! They have the right number of body segments, the two pairs of wings come from the thorax, and has antennae! I am a very happy queen of bugs.

This earring’s front is sterling silver! It will develop a patina over time. A layer of clear nail polish can prevent it from gaining a patina. A shining cloth will remove that patina and give it greater depth as it ages.

Sterling silver is a metal alloy containing 92.5% Silver to Copper. Pure silver, without a small amount of copper, is too soft for most jewelry.


- The Regular Earring Post -
This is a 22 Gauge 10mm Surgical Steel Post. The backs are hypoallergenic silicone bullet backs and steel butterfly backs. Perfect for traditional lobe piercings.


Body Jewelry Style Post options are organized by

+++ Gauge: This refers to how thick a post is. Higher numbers mean skinnier wires. 22g is the skinniest possible jewelry post.

+++ Length: This is the length of the post. It’s measured in millimeters because they’re whole numbers and inches ends up needing fractions. Regular earring posts are usually around 10mm. Healed cartilage piercings are usually between 8mm-5mm. Longer posts can be special ordered.

+++ Metal: This is the metal that the POST itself is made out of. The jewelry design is often a different metal.
- SS = Surgical Steel. I use 316L Steel. This is a kind of Stainless Steel often used for surgical tools. It’s the best type I can source. It is extremely hard, nonreactive, and easy to sanitize.
- Flex = Bioflex. This is NOT metal. It’s a nickname that refers to a soft flexible plastic. It’s often more comfortable for mouth piercings, but is less durable than steel. It’s currently only available in 16g and the top is a short pin that inserts into the tube of the shaft. I usually send a free extra post. It can be trimmed down to 6mm. Longer bioflex posts can be found in the Add-On section.

+++ Type: This refers to how you connect the front of the post to the back. Posts have a variety of closures and different styles are good for different things.
- int = Internally Threaded. This means the front design of the earring has a screw that goes IN the post. The post itself is a tube ending in a flat disc in a “labret” style. The shaft may have a tiny dent so the screw is nice and firm and unlikely to unscrew itself. The disc of the back is about 4mm wide.
- PF = Press Fit. These Threadless posts are the best for tiny designs or jewelry that’s worn all the time. The post is a hollow tube with a flat disc back. The front of the earring has a slightly curved wire pin that inserts into the post. The pin can be bent to increase friction and make it harder to open/close.

+++ UPGRADE: Alternate posts such as Nose Hoops/Screws, Lapel Pins, or Ear hugs are available to add to your order in the upgrade section of the shop. Please put BOTH the earring and the upgraded post into your cart before checking out. Thanks!

Mind Your Monsters

Columbus, OH
These designs are all customizable. I can make them as finger rings, ear huggies, nose rings, dangles, ear charms, on earwires, and with titanium press fit posts. Just ask and if it’s possible I’ll set up a custom order for you. This jewelry is handcrafted in the studio, so things can be changed and moved around.Cute jewelry shouldn't be size restrictive!  ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~. My packaging is sustainable and re-purposed! That means that I source everything post-consumer, guilt-free and other hyphenated words. 
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Meet the Maker

Scientist turned disabled artisan. 

Narcoleptic lover of monsters. 

Caretaker of the uncharismatic. 

She'll tell you everything about bugs if given half a chance. 


How it’s Made

This is a sterling silver design from ninadesigns that I get as a charm. Then I cut off all the parts that make it imperfect for being an earring and use my micro-welder to attach one of the connection pieces for the surgical steel posts I engineered based on the post type selected. Then I do all the finishing in my studio and bring the jewelry up to a nice high shine. 

After that, it's gift wrapped and packaged in repurposed sustainable packaging and sent along to you. Each order comes with a sticker from an artist whose work I appreciate, and is wrapped in washi tape. MyM is very careful to never use stolen art and if you want any of the washi tape, I am always happy to connect you to the producer! They're always another small business who deserves support.

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All this jewelry is repairable if something happens. I charge way too little for repair, and do it for free if the jewelry is under a month old.