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H 3.5"
L 4"
D 4"

Cute little toad stump home for your garden. It will give your toads a safe place to rest during the day. Toad is not included. : )
Toads are great for the garden, they are natural predators. In one summer they can eat up to 10,000 insects including mosquitoes, slugs, beetles, grubs, caterpillars, cutworms & grasshoppers.
Reduce the need for pesticides in your garden by giving a toad a cool humid place to live during the hot days of summer.
Toads by nature are nocturnal, they require a safe shelter during the day. For best results place the opening facing east so the entrance will only get morning sun.
It’s best to bring the toad home inside during the harsh winter months.
Each of my toad homes are individually sculpted and high fired so they’re very sturdy and have no problem being outside in your garden. They are painted with water based paint. Each one is easily touched up if they fade from the sun.

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Perry, FL
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I’m a self taught clay artist, I began my love affair with clay in high school. My remarkable art teacher Miss Rebecca Barnett taught us all the mediums she could drag into the art room. Clay is the one that stuck with me. 

All of my pieces are hand sculpted from stoneware, most of them start out as pinch pots. They are bisque fired, then high fired. Cold glazed after the last firing. 

At first I exhibited at small local shows, as my confidence grew I applied to larger festivals. Haven’t looked back since. 

I’ve been working in clay for over 20 years, participating in art festivals from Illinois to Key West. Over the years my art has evolved. When I see some of my earlier work I’m amazed at how much it’s changed and improved. 

I’ve won several awards, been on TV, written up in newspapers and also online blogs. My work is in homes from Alaska to Florida, hopefully making people smile. 

I’m constantly learning new things about clay and firing. Not to mention all the wonderful textures that can be achieved using common household items. My love affair with clay is ongoing and hopefully will be for many years to come

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How it’s Made

Hand Sculpted from stoneware, high fired and cold glazed

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