Turquoise Russian Spiral Beadweaving Statement Necklace

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The Turquoise Russian Spiral Beadweaving Statement Necklace features the following:


  • Flower Petal Cap 
  • Nickel seed beads
  • Transparent Frost Teal Triangle Seed Beads 
  • Triangle Sparkle Aqua Gr Lined Crystal Seed Beads 
  • Glass Pearls 
  • Rose Satin fire polish beads
  • Pewter Toggle  


This exquisite Turquoise Russian Spiral Beadweaving Statement Necklace will become a favorite accessory for all of your outfits.  This necklace is for the woman who loves to make a statement with their fashion accessories.  You will be sure to attract many admirers with this statement necklace.


You will feel like a queen wearing this beautiful classic piece of art.


This necklace is made with beadweaving techniques.  The base is made with the Russian Spiral beadweaving techinique.  Using this technique causes the weaving to twist in a spiral formation.


This statement necklace looks heavy, but is surprisingly very light weight.


This artisan necklace would make a wonderful heirloom piece to hand down from generation to generation.


Your one of a kind piece of jewelry was created with much time and love. In addition this piece of art has been created especially for you.



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NOTE:  Please use care when wearing this necklace. The necklace is sturdy, but can be broken if there is sudden pulling on the piece.  Do not wear when swimming or around water. Treat necklace as you would any other heirloom piece of jewelry!


Blessings and Grace with Beads and Lace

russian spiral beadweaving

This necklace is made with the Russian Spiral beadweaving techinique.  Using this technique causes the weaving of the beads to twist in a spiral formation.  

By using different types and sizes of beads the look of this technique can look very different.  This necklace uses 5 different types of beads  with larger seed beads and various 4-6mm beads.  By using larger beads and not just seed beads the necklace makes into a large tube.  The necklace looks to be heavy, but looks are deceiving.  This necklace is very light weight.  

This technique doesn't use a loom.  The necklace is made with a needle and thread and the beads are added one bead at a time.

russian spiral beadweaving

Teresa Delosh of Couture Jewelry specializes in handmade artisan jewelry that is designed to become family heirlooms for generations to come.  I love to make jewelry that you will be proud to pass on to your family.  I feature beadweaving, free standing lace, vinyl and leather jewelry.  Now offering fashion accessories along with our jewelry.


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