Unpainted Ceramic Eagle Kachina Doll Sculpture Native American Indian You Paint Your Own - U Paint Ceramic Bisque

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Unpainted Ceramic

Ready to Paint Eagle Kachina Doll Figure

The measurements are: 

Almost 9 1/2 inches tall 

Over 7 1/2 inches from side to side 

Over 4 inches from front to back

Poured to Order ( 2 week Ship by date)

Eagle Kachina Doll Figure. The Eagle Kachina represents strength & power. He is the ruler of the sky and the messenger to the heavens. This sacred Kachina is the overseer of all of the Kachinas and is a honored guest who receives many presents.

Kachinas are spirit beings in Pueblo religion. They are believed to act as intermediaries between humans and the religious realm in Pueblo societies. Each group has its distinct forms and variations of hundreds of different Kachinas that represent a variety of animals, plants, and natural phenomena. Kachinas are believed to visit the various pueblos from winter solstice in late December until first ripening of corn in July. During this time, men perform traditional dances and ceremonies while wearing the masks and costumes that represent the individual Kachinas.

Kachina dolls are figures that are made to represent the dancers who portray these spirit figures in public ceremonies. The dolls are given to Pueblo children to teach the identities of the various Kachinas and the symbolism of their costumes. The Hopi are particularly well-known for their Kachina dolls.

* This is a bisque item and WHITE.
* This is an unpainted item. It is a ready to paint - u paint piece of ceramic bisque.

Ceramics are a labor-intensive hobby. :)
1. Slip is poured in the mold and allowed to set and dry.
2. Mold seams are removed and the remainder is sanded smooth
3. Fired in the kiln to 04 Bisque
4. Shipped to you for your personal touch!

Bisque is pottery that has been fired in the kiln. It can be painted with acrylic paints or glaze. Acrylics cannot be fired in a kiln. Glazes can be fired in a kiln following specific instructions.

Please note: Our ceramics may or may not contain small imperfections which add to their character and makes each piece one-of-a-kind, therefore no two are exactly alike.
Hand crafted in the Mid-west.


We ship in Flat Rate Priority Mail Boxes. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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My name is Katie Payne, I'm a third child in a family of five. I find myself single in my late forties and have a child graduating high school. I started ceramics about five years ago(2018) under the tutelage of a friend who had been doing ceramics since the early 2000's. I stepped in to help her out so she could go on a vacation without having to shut down her shop. Ever since then, I've been active in the creation of slip cast ceramics. I have more than a thousand molds to choose from to pour. Between my mentor and myself, we have completed over 5000 orders through the course of doing business at other sites and I hope to continue that quality work here.

Before ceramics, I dabbled in all sorts of crafts like, painting, scuplting, cake baking, and so many others. I find all the skills I honed in the other crafts easily translate over to ceramics to help me make the best products I possibly can. 

You can find some of my other ventures over on Youtube.com/Pixiedustandchaos

I have free painting tutorials over there that you can use to guide you in your painting of the ceramic pieces. 

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Poured to Order ( 2 week Ship by date)

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