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About this Product

This is needed to remind all who enter that the ruler of this domain has the last word.
If you finish the last beer, you must refill the fridge.

This plaque was machine carved from Ash wood, and measures 14" tall and 8 3/4 inches wide.

The plaque was hand painted by yours truly, then coated with clear acrylic.

There is a hanger and bumpers on the back for secure and non-slip attachment to the wall.


Dusty Bob Woodworks

Raleigh, NC

Meet the Maker

I have been working with wood most of my life. Other kids got toys for Christmas, my parents got me power tools. My Father taught me the satisfaction  of creating things, and to figure out how to turn an idea into reality. My pleasure comes from using ideas that I may have seen from several sources and combining them to create new things. I try to make my creations both functional as well as beautiful, but sometimes I will get a piece of wood that is just so beautiful that it needs to just be an object of beauty to admire. I do utilize several tools to create, among them a CNC router. I need to stress that carvings and embellishments are fabricated by machine, and not hand carved, although there is much preparation and technical skill involved in making this machine obey. A machine is indeed very obedient, but it is also very stupid.

I procure my wood from many sources, mostly purchased by the truck full as cutoffs, drops, pieces with defects, etc from local small furniture makers. I also utilize downed trees, and sometimes discarded furniture I find. I never know what kind of wood I will have to work with. As a result, anything I show for sale will be a one of a kind creation.

Procuring wood like I do also lets me keep my prices very reasonable with quality materials when compared to lumber yard prices.

I can fabricate some custom pieces, so let me know what you want and we can discuss what I can do for you and what kind of wood I might have on hand and if your needs are in my range of abilities.

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Shop Policies

I do everything possible to assure that all my products are exactly as described. If you have any questions, or need more pictures please let me know before you buy. If any purchase does not meet your expectations, let me know immediately and we will work out an equitable solution.

Since all my products are unique, what is pictured and described is exactly what you will get. I make very few batched items.

This means that your order will ship as soon as I can get it boxed up and to the Post office, which is typically within 3 business days.

If there is a delay in shipping for any reason, you will be notified as soon as possible.

I am not responsible for shipping delays after the item is shipped.

Custom orders may not be returned.

My wood creations must be cared for just like any other wood item, such as cutting boards, bowls, platters.

They will last a lifetime if not abused. Refinishing or renewing the finish may not be needed for years, depending on use and care of the customer.

Wood not the best option if you need a vessel for liquids if you want to retain the finish. The bowl would be serviceable, but the finish would gradually disappear and you would be left with bare wood.

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