Water Resistant Protective Dining Cushion Cover - dining room furniture, dining chair, dining seat, dining bench - Rave choose color

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*Actual colors may vary depending on individual monitor settings
**Make sure your dimensions are correct, all sales are final due to customization**
- Price per cover - Custom made - Hand made - 2-3 weeks for items to ship

About this Product

**Price per cover** **Custom Order**
Please note: Photos shown are just examples.

Elastic fitted Cushion Cover for benches

Choose color (*Actual colors may vary depending on individual monitor settings)

Fitted with dimensions you provide.
Removable & Interchangeable
Polyester indoor/ outdoor fabric (Water Resistant)

Washing Instructions:
For long lasting results when possible we recommend spot cleaning with soap and water.  
Made in USA

Follow these instructions on HOW TO ORDER:

 1.) See size chart located in the product photos on how to measure for size & best fit. 

2.) Add your dimensions in the text box section. All orders are custom made by dimensions you provide. (**Make sure your dimensions are correct, all sales are final due to customization**) 

3.) Make sure to change your quantity if you need more than one cover in the same size.  **Price per cover 

4.) Leave contact info on best way to reach you with any questions.

5.) Please send photo of any odd shaped cushions to: Info@SensibleHomeDecor.com



Contact me for additional fabric designs or non-water resistant options or fill out cognito form above. 

These cushion covers are perfect for parents of pets and children.  
Protects against dirt, mud, throw up, hair, Cheeto hands, and ewe...what is that!??

**Not Your Granny's Cushion Cover**

Sensible Home Decor LLC

Ocean Pines, MD
**PLEASE READ IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW**I PROVIDE FREE 1-3 DAY PRIORITY SHIPPING. HOWEVER, DUE TO COVID-19 USPS PACKAGES MAY BE DELAYED DUE TO SHORTAGE OF DELIVERY DRIVERS. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH DELIVERIES DURING THIS TIME, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DELAYED ITEMS. TRACKING MAY STATE..."Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility." IF YOU NEED BY SPECIFIC DATE - PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS HAS NOT BEEN AFFECTED, I CAN SHIP AT AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO YOU, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE.-We are currently at 2-3 week turnover for custom orders to ship, however we are working very hard to get your orders out sooner than 3 weeks.-We are currently providing RUSH SHIPPING: $25 initial charge and additional $5 per cover.-Don't see your fabric style? We offer custom design - message us to get started! Or fill out our form to start your custom design process today. Prices may vary depending fabric.Request a Free Cushion Cover Quote – SensibleHomeDecor**Please note: I can't guarantee the price after 3 days and availability of fabric in any length of time for any quote.
Contact Maker

Meet the Maker

My name is Crystal.  I run Sensible Home Decor LLC along with my husband Tim.  We are both Navy Veterans and love what we do.  We design and custom make all of the items in our shop with pride and package each order with care.

INSPIRATION Our inspiration behind the Elastic Fitted Cushion Cover is our dog Sadi, a German Shepherd/Husky Mix. We know the challenges when it comes to your home decor and a dog that shed's a ton of hair twice a year! We know the challenges when it comes to cleaning up after your pet..... 

 PETS, CHILDREN, FAMILY, & FRIENDS Whether it is a pet, child, family or friends, we all want to live a little. Lets face it, there will always be chaos! That means there will always be messes, Cheeto hands, snot, slobber, throw up, dirt, mud, and ewe....what is that? BUT........ 

 WE HAVE A SOLUTION Don't fret our clean freak friends, we have a solution for you! Removable, washable, and interchangeable home decor. Home decor that is not only stylish, but serves a purpose as well! 

 SAVE MONEY & TIME We are here to share our products to help you save money and precious time. So check out our products, ask us questions, and stick around for more new and improved home decor.

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Shop Policies

Custom Terms and Conditions


Custom Return Policy

Your product is 100 percent custom-made to order only for you. Therefore, Sensible Home Decor LLC does not accept returns. We will work with you to achieve the desired result in your product (please read below for more detailed information).  We have no way of reselling any cushions made to your custom specifications.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is not responsible for cushions the customer does not like because the fabric color or texture does not match the color on their computer monitor or other fabrics at their location. We encourage you to order fabric samples before ordering cushions if this is a critical factor in your choice. Fabric samples are reasonably priced and nonrefundable.
  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is not responsible for cushions that are made correctly with incorrect information provided by the customer. Customers must be 100% certain that the dimensions provided are accurate.
  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is not responsible for cushions the customer does not like due to the standard placement of fabric ties, seams, zippers, Sensible Home Décor LLC tags.
  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is not responsible for cushions the customer thinks are the wrong size because they are measuring differently than our website instructs - customer must measure as directed by Sensible Home Décor LLC.
  • Customers are responsible for any costs and delays associated with correcting mistakes made by the customer including all shipping charges (both ways).
  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is not responsible for cushions the customer thinks are not comfortable enough or does not like for some other subjective reason.
  • It is up to the customer receiving the package to check for shipping damage prior to opening. Photograph the damaged area and notify Sensible Home Décor LLC within two (2) business days. We require photographs (prior to opening) and all packaging materials in order to process the claim on your behalf.
  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is more than willing to address any of these issues in a courteous, professional and timely manner to help the customer achieve the desired results. If the error is due to a customer mistake in ordering, the customer acknowledges responsibility and assumes the cost of correcting any mistakes.

Sensible Home Décor LLC’s Responsibilities

  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is responsible for using the fabric(s) the customer has selected.  If fabric is out of stock by our vendor we will work with you to find another fabric of choice at an equal value or cancel and refund your order.
  • Sensible Home Décor is responsible for creating a finished product within a certain tolerance, depending on the style selected: a. Elastic Fitted Cushions Covers: Within one-half of an inch (½") of the dimensions (width, depth, thickness) provided by the customer  b. Drapes: Within one inch (1") of the dimensions (length) provided by the customer
  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is responsible for sewing the cushion(s) in the style selected by the customer.
  • Sensible Home Décor LLC is responsible for the costs of correcting any mistakes that we make if we fail to correctly produce cushions using the information provided by the customer, provided that: a. The customer notifies Sensible Home Décor LLC within five (5) working days of receiving the cushion(s). b. The customer acknowledges that we reserve the right to rework any cushions to correct our mistakes. c. The customer makes the cushion(s) available for a pickup by a ground carrier that we schedule after receiving confirmation from the customer that the cushion is ready for pick up. d. Cushions that are brought back to our facility for rework will not have been used in any way and arrive back at our facility in the same condition as when they were shipped. This means no stains, pet hair, cigarette, or other odors, etc.
  • If a customer follows procedure to return a cushion and Sensible Home Décor LLC deems that said cushion is, in fact, correct based on the customer's order, the customer will be responsible for any costs Sensible Home Décor LLC incurs to return the cushion to the customer.

By purchasing from Sensible Home Décor LLc you agree to these terms and/or conditions and all applicable laws. Sensible Home Décor LLC specializes in custom cushions. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not purchase from Sensible Home Décor LLC.

EVERY cushion cover we manufacture is considered made-to-order, or custom. We only make cushion covers based on the measurements that our customers provide to us at the time an order is placed.

Order Changes

Order changes cannot be accepted after one (1) business day of receiving the order, unless the customer agrees to pay the order change fees. These fees vary by order depending on products and materials.

Order Cancellations

  • Sensible Home Décor LLC accepts cancellations and order revisions up to one (1) business day from placing the order. There are some exceptions to this, depending on if the order is already in the production process (i.e. fabric cutting, etc.). All cushion covers and pillow products (unless otherwise stated) appearing on this website are made to order using customer specifications. Once a custom order is in production and the fabric has been cut to your specifications, the fabric is no longer suitable for use on any future orders, and the order cannot be canceled.
  • Customers will have ninety (90) days to submit their template(s) or COM (customer's own material) for orders with such requirements. If a customer does not respond to our contact attempts within these 90 days, Sensible Home Decor LLC has the right to cancel the order(s) and charge the customer a $45 cancellation processing fee per order.
  • Customers will have ninety (90) days to resume or cancel their order(s) once they have placed their order(s) on HOLD. If a customer does not contact us or respond to our contact attempts within these 90 days, Sensible Home Decor LLC has the right to cancel the order(s) and charge the customer a $45 cancellation processing fee per order.
  • Sensible Home Decor LLC reserves the right to accept or reject reworks at our own discretion.

Address Corrections/Redelivery Fees

If Sensible Home Decor LLC incurs additional shipping costs and fees due to customer address entry error, the customer will be charged for the additional costs, including but not limited to an $11 address correction fee, a $11 delivery interruption fee to reroute, redelivery fees and any associated shipping charges.

Sales and Use Taxes

Sensible Home Decor LLC collects and remits sales tax only for places where we have a physical nexus, in accordance with Federal law. If we do not collect any taxes for your location, you may still owe state use taxes on your purchases. Consult your state department of revenue about any taxes you might owe on your purchases.

Product Listings

Sensible Home Decor LLC strives for accuracy in all item descriptions, photographs, pricing, links and any other product-related information contained herein or referenced on our website. We cannot guarantee that all item descriptions, photographs, pricing, links and any other product-related information listed is entirely accurate, complete or current, nor can we assume responsibility for these errors. In the event a product listed on our website is labeled with an incorrect price due to some typographical, informational, technical or other error, Sensible Home Decor LLC shall, at its sole discretion, have the right to refuse and/or cancel any order for said product and immediately amend, correct and/or remove the inaccurate information. Hyperlinks to other websites from Sensible Home Decor LLC are provided as resources to customers and we do not assume responsibility for the claims and/or representations made on these or any other websites. Sensible Home Decor LLC reserves the right to change the prices of products sold on this website at any time.

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