Water Ripple Stained Glass Framed Panel

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About this Product

Water Ripple is a one of a kind captivating stained glass panel that skillfully mimics the surface of water with a breathtaking gradient of Oceanside water glass. This unique piece utilizes a specialized and laborious technique, using copper foil that is applied across the entire surface of each piece of glass and then carefully cut away to form the organic shapes of rippling water. This technique is done on both sides to mimic the shadows of the surface of the water and to give the illusion of depth. The piece is completed with a custom handmade wooden frame.

This stained glass panel was inspired by the meditative power of natural water. It has been proven that being near and looking upon bodies of water boosts one's mood and improves mental health.

Whether displayed in a sunlit window or hung as a statement piece on a wall, this piece brings the serene beauty of rippling waters into any space. This stained glass panel is a unique and timeless representation of the soothing and dynamic qualities found in nature.

Dimensions: 9in x 9in

Tranquil Mind

Farmington, MO

Meet the Maker

My name is Madilyn, I am 24 and have been creating stained glass since December 2020. I now make glass art full time and have never been happier. 

I first discovered stained glass when I came across glass artists online and was instantly in love with the process, but it didn't occur to me that I could actually do it too. A few days before Christmas I mention to my mom how amazing I thought these glass artists were, and she surprised me Christmas morning with most everything I needed to get started and I have been obsessed ever since.

On the rare occasion I am not doing glass art, I enjoy spending time in nature with my boyfriend and my dog. I get a lot of inspiration from nature and the peace and quite is a great way to reset my brain. 

How it’s Made

Crafting stained glass art is a meticulous and artistic process that begins with unique designs and the careful selection of colored glass, each piece chosen for a specific hue and texture. The journey of creating these exquisite pieces involves a series of skilled steps, all conducted by hand to ensure precision and beauty in every detail.

First, the selected glass sheets are delicately scored and cut into individual pieces, following the intricate lines of the design. Each piece of the design is then carefully broken by hand ensuring that every fragment is tailored to fit its designated place within the design.

To refine and perfect the shapes, each glass piece undergoes a process using a glass grinder. This step ensures that edges are smoothed, curves are precisely honed, and the individual elements seamlessly fit together.

Subsequently, the edges of each glass piece are carefully wrapped with copper foil tape, which is applied to provide a base for the soldering process. This foil serves as a foundation to which the solder adheres, securing the pieces together in their intended arrangement.

The artistry truly takes form during the soldering phase, where each piece is joined together. This intricate process demands skill and patience as the soldering iron carefully melts the solder, fusing to the copper foil edges and bonding the glass elements together. The result is a cohesive and durable structure that brings the design to life.

After the completion of soldering, the piece undergoes a series of finishing touches. A thorough cleansing removes any residue, preparing the artwork for the next steps. A patina, carefully applied, transforms the soldered lines from their original silver hue to a rich and elegant black, enhancing the visual appeal and providing a timeless finish.

Finally, the stained glass masterpiece is polished to a radiant sheen, highlighting its vivid colors and intricate details. A chain is then affixed, allowing the artwork to be displayed, showcasing the culmination of skill, dedication, and artistic vision that defines stained glass artistry. Each finished piece is a testament to the artisan's dedication to creating timeless beauty through the art of stained glass.

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