Watermelon Limeade Drink Mix - Mix with Lemon Lime Soda. Can add vodka or rum. Delicious alcohol related boozy gift for summer. Makes 6-8

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About this Product

Amazing and popular Watermelon Limeade Cocktail Mixer. Just mix with 7 Up or Sprite and water. May add vodka or Rum if you like. Very refreshing drink for entertaining or hot summer nights. Keep in the freezer for a "go to" after a long hard day!

*Equipment Needed:

Drink Mix of Choice

ZIPLOC Brand Freezer Bag

Measuring cups and spoons

7 UP soda as noted on each package

Lime Juice

Alcohol of Choice


Mix the packet with the recommended type and amount of vodka or rum and 7Up in a ziploc freezer bag. Freeze for 3-5 hours and enjoy! Make several flavors and then stack the ziploc bags in the freezer. Have on hand for entertaining, special events, or a treat after a challenging day! Super Easy Super Tasty!

Down-Wright Boozy

Colorado City, TX
Welcome to Down-Wright Boozy!  Cocktail and mocktail drink mixers for every taste.
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Meet the Maker

Hello, my name is Tonya. In 2021 I left the corporate world to pursue my small business passions, be a fun loving grandmother, and enjoy life to its fullest. Follow along as we offer the Midwest a New Drinking Experience with Down-Wright Boozy!

I offer unique flavored drink mixers that you can choose to add alcohol to or not. Each package has instructions how to make them each way. I give you the opportunity to make a simple drink the way YOU like it. Our mixers also eliminate the use of plastic bottles that end up in the landfills, make cocktail hour affordable, and cater to you gift giving needs.

How it’s Made

**Made in the USA!

Support small business... Down-Wright Boozy drink mixes are packaged and sold at vendor events all over the Midwest and all the way down to Texas.

Serving Size

*Each mix makes 6 to 8 servings. NOT just one glass.

*Mocktail Version...

Skip the alcohol. Yummy!


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I am sorry... due to the nature of our product we do not accept any returns. However, if you experience an issue with quality of our product we encourage you to reach out to us at downwrightboozy@gmail.com