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Do you love to give bottles of wine as gifts? Then imagine giving one in this classy hand-crocheted wine bottle holder. It's the details that make this wine cozy so charming, the beads that go all the way around the bottom, the complimentary beads attached at the end of the drawstring ties. Your loved ones will adore this, heck, after you get it, you may not even want to give it away!!!

Made from cotton yarn, will hold a 750 ml bottle.

NOTE: This listing does not include wine, wine glass or any of the decorations shown, which are there as props. ;)


NOTE FROM KAT (NO CUSTOM CROCHETED ITEMS): Unfortunately, I am unable to crochet any longer due to the arthritis in my hands. (No one is more bummed than me!) It is because of this, that I cannot make this or any other crocheted item in different colors or sizes. Once my already created items are sold, they are gone. 

I have made every effort to ensure the color in the photographs is as accurate as possible. Some colors may differ depending on your computer monitor or screen settings.


All images & designs are ©H20works and artist Kat Wauters.
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H20works Designs

Bay City, MI

Meet the Maker


My mom taught me how to crochet, sew and embroider at a very young age. As I grew a bit older, she would get in monthly craft kits and we would work on them together. It wasn't long after that, that I would bug anybody and everybody to bring me to the local craft store where I would spend all of my hard-earned babysitting money to try out everything often sharing and teaching the neighborhood kids along the way. As a young adult, I did a lot of macrame and rug-hooking and of course, always my crochet. 

It is also my mom that I credit for my design sense. She was always good with decorating, I guess I learned from her how to make my surroundings beautiful which led me into the field of Interior Design. Once computers came along, I moved into Graphic Design. I have a degree in both, but consider Graphic Artist my job title. Graphics were the answer for me, because though I love to paint things but I can hardly draw stick figures, lol. Boy, do I love to manipulate photos and create something new and exciting with them! Coming soon, will be my digital art, photography and wedding invitations. 

As I can no longer crochet, do to the arthritis in my hands, I have taken up a new love and turned back to a couple of things because, hey....these hands just can't stay idle! My most recent interest has been mosaics and I have also started painting "stuff" again. I hope to be able to share those with you soon, as well.

So, you see, I have my fingers into so many things, this is how my shop name came about. "H20" for Wauters and "Works" for all the many things I do!

Thank you for supporting my little handmade small business.
Love, Kat ♥

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