Witchy Athame or Bolline are the Perfect Addition to Your Witchy Aesthetic. Unique Handcrafted Witches' Knife Custom Made for You

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About this Product

Witchcraft Bolline or Athame, Hand Crafted made to order. Use this Knife to carve Your spell candles with ease. Gather Herbs, Forage. Carving your intentions or your intended subject into your spell candles adds power & focus to your desires.
From the tip of the blade to the top of the moon the knife measures @9"
At the widest point at the top the moon measures 1.5"
The blade is @2' at the base & it tapers to a sharp point. This knife is sharp, not razor sharp but it cuts herbs, cords & candles easily.
Please see pictures when ordering.

Merry Meet!

If you have a design you would like, please message me & I will be glad to work with you.

-Please note that these are natural & Hand made Items therefore they may have small flaws or imperfections. The Bolline you receive will be exactly like the ones pictured, but not identical.
Please allow for slight color variations due to screen settings on your phone, tablet or monitor.

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