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This tie dye is amazingly VIBRANT!  

You will definitely make a stunning statement wherever you go wearing this skirt/dress!  

Geode patterns have been created on this rayon Festival Skirt/Dress in dark blues, purples, and a touch of gray.  Elasticized smocked bodice/waistband measures 6" long.  When laid out flat this skirt/dress is a large rectangle which creates an asymmetric hem when worn.  The rayon is soft and luxurious.  Hideaway straps can be tied to be used as spaghetti straps when wearing as a dress; tuck the straps inside when wearing as a skirt.  

For this listing only, the front hem measures 3" shorter than the back.  Damage which occurred during the dyeing process had to be cut off and a new hem made; the hem was sewn with purple thread.  Because of this hem length change this skirt/dress might make for a longer Top to be paired with leggings (not provided). 

Brand:  Dharma Trading
Color:  Blue, Purple, Gray (a few small spots of yellow as a result of the gray color "splitting" during the dyeing process.)
Pattern:  Geode
Material:  Rayon
Size:  Small (Adult)

>>> Flat measurements (approximate) are as follows:

6" Elasticized Band width relaxed = 12" (24" circumference)
6" Elasticized Band width stretched = 17" (34" circumference)

Length of skirt as measured from the top of the elasticized band:
at the shortest hem (front) = 28"
at the shortest hem (back) = 31"
at the longest hem (front) = 36"
at the longest hem (back) = 39"

Length of shoulder straps = 24"

Mannequin measurements are as follows:
Height:  5' 10"
Bust:  33"
Waist:  24"
Hips:  34"

Please be sure to read all Maker's Policies prior to placing order.

Care Instructions:
Wash:  Hand wash in cold OR Machine wash in cold water on a Delicate setting.
Dry:   To dry it is best to lay flat or carefully hang.  If you decide to use the dryer please dry by itself and use the lowest heat setting. (IMPORTANT: Rayon is delicate when wet, drying with other heavier items runs the risk of damaging the fabric.)  
Iron:  Warm iron, as needed.  Do not hang the dress by its straps for extended periods of time...this can result in stretching of the bodice.

Reasons for discounted price: shortened front hem and two locations of minor fabric abrasions caused during the tying process (which have been mended using fabric adhesive to prevent the abrasions from widening).  Photos 9-12 (not on the mannequin) show close ups of the small areas of abrasions which are on the front of the skirt/dress.


Monroe, WA
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Welcome to Old Goat Tie Dye! 

My name is Patricia, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my wonderful husband and fur-babies, and I offer handmade one of a kind tie dye items.  

I started making & selling tie dye in the early 2000's under the name Lake Tye Dye (since I live next to a lake named Lake Tye). It all started with a tie dye kit and a few baby bodysuits and it soon became an obsession with color.  

Not only do I make tie dye using traditional liquid dyes I also now make a majority of my tie dyes using ice.  Yes, you read that right...ICE.   

In 2022 I rebranded to become Old Goat Tie Dye. Why did I choose the name Old Goat Tie Dye?... it's such an odd (yet very catchy) name. Well, it's because I love goats & I make tie dye...and this "old goat" isn't getting any younger.

Shop Policies

(More details found below)

Payment Processor = STRIPE

Shipping = USPS Ground Advantage & USPS Priority

Returns = NO, not at this time.

Quality of Items = Excellent! (If there are defects in the item from the maker of the garment or if there were issues with the dye process then that will be clearly noted in the description of the item.)

Customer Service = Bring on the questions!
If you see an item you like but aren't sure of the sizing, I'll be happy to send you complete measurements of the item along with further detailed images if you'd like.

Custom Orders = Currently not taking custom orders.

International Orders = Currently not taking International orders as goimagine is USA based only

Customer Reviews = It is greatly appreciated if you would leave a review for your order.  Small businesses on marketplaces such as goimagine do better with a history of good reviews.  Please support small business & put in a kind word.  Thank you.


>>>  Please keep in mind that computer & smart phone screens are not calibrated the same. 
As a result, some screens will show colors differently; I have made every effort, on my end, to make the colors of my photos match the items as closely as possible.




Method of Payment...  STRIPE 


Method of Shipment...

USPS Ground Advantage & USPS Priority, within the US only. 
Items will be shipped within 3 business days of received payment; tracking number will be provided.
SHIPPING TIME NOTE: Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for the package.  Please keep in mind that there may be shipping delays due to weather and/or staffing shortages...I have no control over that.  Loss, damage, or theft is out of my control; I cannot replace items. 

Shipping address errors & returns to Vendor: In the event that the supplied customer address was incorrect & this resulted in the item being returned to me, a new Shipping invoice will be sent to the email provided to cover the new shipping fee.  If the new shipping fee is not paid within seven calendar days, Old Goat Tie Dye reserves the right to cancel/refund the sale & repost the item for sale. 



Please make sure to use the correct Shipping address to mail your item to when checking out.  Refer to "Shipping address errors & returns to vendor" above for details.

Make sure your E-Mail address is correct so there are no delays in contacting you.


Quality of my hand dyed items...

I am 100 percent confident that you will love your new item.
Each item is dyed using professional Fiber Reactive dyes which chemically bond to the fibers of the garment instead of simply staining it as other less expensive types of dyes can do. 
With proper care your dyed item will last years with no fading.
Each item is inspected for damage and if any problems are found they are noted in the description and the prices are adjusted accordingly, if necessary.
Please keep in mind the garments that I sell are not sewn by me, however, they ARE hand-dyed by me.  


Washing and Care Instructions...

After the dye process my items are thoroughly rinsed by hand and are then put through at least two full HOT wash cycles to remove excess dye.  Please keep in mind that although my items have been thoroughly laundered you will still need to wash with LIKE colors.  Upon receiving your new tie dye, be sure to launder the item before wearing, especially those meant for babies, with your usual detergent except those noted below.  I have not used fabric softeners or dryer sheets after laundering, however, the professional textile detergent that I use leaves a slight floral scent.

For the best results (COTTON):

+ In cold or warm water, wash inside out with like-colors and your usual laundry detergent but do NOT use OXICLEAN or similar OXI detergents as they may slightly alter the colors.

+ Do NOT bleach.

+ Tumble dry low.  (Unless noted within the product description; some items require line-dry to avoid further shrinking or damage.)

+ Items with Iron-On or Patches...line dry or tumble dry low (inside out)...press with a low heat iron with garment inside-out.

For the best results (RAYON & MODAL):

+ In cold or warm water, hand wash OR wash in a machine on Delicate.  When washing in a machine, it is best to wash your rayon item in a laundry bag to prevent the machine from damaging the fibers.  Rayon is delicate when wet.  Do not wring or stretch.

+ Do NOT bleach.  Do not use "oxy" products as noted above (in cotton section) as these detergents may alter the colors.

+ Best to line dry.  Hang in such a way as to prevent overly stretching the material.  You can also tumble dry on the "air" setting or the very lowest setting.  Must be tumbled alone, however, tumbling with dry fluffy towels helps speed the process.

Treat your new tie dye with gentle care and it will be around for years to come! 


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Shop Reviews (8)

Love the tie dye stocking. The colors are bold, and it's definitely a festive addition to my holiday decorations. Thank you!!

Christy M Foust

I purchased the "Set of Eight - Mandala Coloring Page" download. First time I've ever purchased a "file". Transaction was quick, I was able to download the file immediately following purchase. Loved the coloring pages! I have a guest room that I refer to as a "retreat" room, and I have various activities that a guest can "play with", including colored pencils and coloring books. These Coloring Pages are a perfect addition - and I'm sure I'll want to color one or two myself. Thanks, Patricia. ♥

Swalle @ Wild Gatherings

I just received my towels from Patricia and they are REALLY nice! I didn't expect such beautiful "works of art". The size and colors exceeded my expectations and I'll be back again. Highly recommend anything from this shop!!!! ~ Thank you, Nancy

Nancy @ YKnot Handmade