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One of a kind wooden beard combs. MDA Woodwork goods are made from wood that I personally harvest with sustainable practices in Southern Colorado. I select the wood for its distinct grain patterns, and in some cases, fill natural voids with colored resin to add to the distinctness.

The wood is finished with a durable polyurethane to bring out the wood's character and have a water resistant, low maintenance finish.

Take extra care of your beard with my all natural beard butter. It's made with coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils, and bees wax. It's the only beard care regimen that I personally use.

My process begins with harvesting wood, typically from my family farm. The wood that I cut is either from limbs that need pruning or dead trees that need to be removed; so it is all sustainably harvested. I then cut the wood to size, and in some cases add a colored epoxy resin to add to the aesthetics of the piece I will make. At his point, I cut, shape, and sand. This includes using variety of saws, lathes, sanders, and other various woodworking tools. I then apply a wood finish. For all surfaces that can come into contact with food, I use my homemade and all natural wood butter. For all other pieces, I use a polyurethane finish. Finally, I attach any hardware to the piece.   

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