Greeting Card - WOW - Happy Dandelion Sparkles with Dew - Photo Card With Poem

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Stories in Nature Greeting Card - WOW "Pretty little dandelion  all covered…

About this Product

WOW - A dew covered dandelion rejoices in the summer sun in this happy, joyful, greeting card with poem.

"Pretty little dandelion 

all covered in dew.

 Look how you rejoice,

 this morning was made for you"

Snail Mail lives and these beautiful, colorful, nature note cards make for gorgeous stationary!

Nature truly amazes me. I see stories in her everywhere! When I find one, I write a small poem about what I saw. For the greeting cards, this poem will be printed on the back of the card. The inside of the cards are blank. Cards are 5x7 and will come with their envelopes in a clear Mylar sleeve. 

Wow is right! When I first saw this dandelion sparkling in the morning sun my heart skipped a beat! I imagined I was a fairy so I could fly, soar, right inside and sit under the poofs, feel the mist of morning on my face and drink the drops of dew. Such a happy place. I hope this photograph brings brings you joy, too!

Thank you for visiting my shop! Please feel free to reach out with any questions, or, simply to say hello and share a nature story!


The Poetry of Nature

Knoxville, TN
Welcome to the gift shop for The Poetry of Nature, a series of work that pairs macro-photography with poetry. The poems tells the story of what the image could be if we allow Nature to be sentient. Prints, Greeting Cards and Canvas Giclees available.
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Meet the Maker

Hello! Welcome to my shop. My name is Katharine Emlen and I am the writer / photographer behind The Poetry of Nature.

Nothing brings me greater joy than being outside in this beautiful world of ours. Nature, I find, provides the most wonderful canvas, no matter where you look. I have seen tremendous beauty in dying leaves, personalities hanging out in ditches, and remarkable compositions in the most unlikely of places.

Sometimes, I pretend I am an ant, because if I were an ant, those itty-bitty water drops would be pillows to rest upon, that blade of grass a slide, and the dew covered wheat, a jungle gym for play.

 I tend to get lost in my imagination and I allow nature be's not just three drops on a leaf, but a family of travelers, not just a twisted tendril, but a lover's embrace...

When I allow Nature to be sentient, I see all sorts of stories within her. They are the same as ours! Triumph, struggle, comfort, joy....I see it in the twist of a tendril, patterns in ice, the way the water drops sit on the curve of a leaf.

Usually, I stumble upon these stories. And when I do, I hear a poem in my head, so I include it with the image. This is why I call this my work, The Poetry of Nature. 

Thank you for stopping by! 

~Katharine M. Emlen

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Katharine Emlen of The Poetry of Nature

How it’s Made

Thank you for visiting my shop :)

I have to admit, I have a crush on Nature! How can I not when she's so exquisite? 

All of my photographs were taken less than 6 inches from the ground. I use a small pocket camera that lets me get close up and intimate. I tend to get lost in my imagination when I take my photos, but that is when the stories appear and I hear poetry in my head. Every poem is specific to the image and tells the story of what it could be if we allow Nature to be sentient. 

Greeting cards are 5 x 7. They are glossy on the outside and matte on the inside. The poem is on the back of the card and the inside of the card is blank. They will come with their envelope in a clear Mylar sleeve.

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, or, simply to say hello and share a Nature story. :)


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Shop Policies

Thank you for your interest in The Poetry of Nature!


All of my photographs are printed to order using a professional photo lab. Because of this it can take up to 5 days of processing time before I can ship to you. So please allow 7-10 days from when you order until you receive your photo with poem.

Greeting cards will be shipped right away. :)


The poem will be included on a separate sheet of paper, allowing you to choose if it is part of your display. Although "Poetry Posters" are unique options as they pair the image and poem side by side. You can see what this looks like in the photos offered for each image.


If you are unhappy with your image I am happy to offer a refund once the photograph has been returned. I am also happy to exchange it for a different one of the same size, once the original has been returned. Returns and exchanges are accepted up to two weeks from reciept of order.


I do not yet offer Digital Downloads, but I am more than happy to ship without the sturdy board backing to save on weight. Please contact me if interested and I will work with you on the most economical way to get you your Poetry of Nature print.

Thank you!

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