TIME FRAME: Each halter is custom made as they are purchased. Please allow up to 10-15 business…

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*** X SMALL ***     *** CUSTOM ORDER ***

Muzzle Measurement:  8 inches         Neck Measurement (adjustable):  8 - 13 inches

Handmade Biothane halters are an amazing product for goats! They are light weight, WATERPROOF, fade proof, and come in amazing color combos!

Biothane is a coated heavy duty webbing. The coating is soft, flexible, waterproof and stays bright for years to come. It comes in over 30 colors for super custom fun combos. The halter features two O rings to attach all the straps together, this allows the halter to flex and move as the goat moves to make them more comfortable and less rigid. The bottom of the chin strap has a free floating o ring to attach the lead to. The left side of the halter has an adjustable buckle. All halters are made with 5/8” straps to be strong while still being comfortable and light weight. 

This listing is for a size X SMALL. If you need a larger size please look at the other listings on our website.

When ordering this product please select which color you want for which part of the halter. If you want a SOLID HALTER, please select the same color in both sections.

*** X SMALL size is great for growing kids and your very small adult doe Nigerian dwarfs and pygmies. It may fit other breeds but that’s what our research has shown.

The muzzle is not adjustable on these halters. To size your goat properly you can measure around the muzzle to see where it will lay roughly on your goat. Reference the photo showing the muzzle measurement. You want to purchase the size closest to your measurements. Example: your purchasing a halter with a 8” muzzle and your goat has a 9” muzzle, the halter will just sit slightly lower then where you measured. Example 2: your purchasing a halter with a 8” muzzle and your goats muzzle is 7”, the halter will just sit slightly higher then where you measured 7”. 

The neck straps are adjustable roughly 5”. Measuring your goat will give you a better idea on what size to order but due to the adjustable strap there is wiggle room.

Please note due to technology the colors in the sample photos my not match perfectly to the in person color. Most colors are much prettier and brighter in person. If you need more sample photos in different lighting please contact us!

TIME FRAME: Each halter is custom made as they are purchased. Please allow up to 10-15 business days for your order to be completed. 

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Thanks for supporting my small Business!

All items are handmade, due to this all items will vary slightly.

STANDARD TURN AROUND TIMES MAY VARY. pleaser allow up to 7 Business days for standard shipping time.


Measurements may NOT be exact. All attempts to measure items properly are made. Please be aware of this when ordering. Make sure to measure your pet properly and check each items measurements before ordering. 


If you have a issue with your order please contact me as soon as possible so we can work on a solution. I will always make a great effort to resolve your issue if I can. Refunds, returns and exchanges maybe excepted on a case to case basis. I always want customers to be happy with their purchase but due to being a small business and everything being handmade, my options maybe limited.


I use the highest quality products I can find to make my products. Please keep in mind that due to the high usage the items I make will endure, not all products will have a super long life before seeing wear and tear. 

Example: collars see rain, puddles, mud, dog hair, and lots of other adventures, meaning the fabric/leather will have wear and tear.

Custom Orders

Please keep in touch with me on your order. If your order requires a Logo/file please send that to me as soon as possible after your order. If you are picking custom fabric/colors/materials, make sure to keep in contact.

Delays caused by no responses from customers will not be shipped in the time frame given at time of order. 

Contact me if you ever have a question, comment or issue, I'd love to work with you to make sure you love your purchase

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