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Handmade Barrettes & Clips

Valparaiso, IN

Why should I buy Handmade Barrettes & Clips?

Welcome to the world of handcrafted Barrettes & Clips! Our beautiful hand-selected artisan designs compliment any outfit and provide a pop of unique, colorful style. Each one is hand crafted with meticulous attention and care, so you know you’re getting a quality product that will last. Whether it's for yourself or for someone special, Handmade Barrettes & Clips make a fashionable statement – perfect for providing that certain something extra to any look.

Do Handmade Barrettes & Clips make a Good Gift?

If you're looking for a unique gift for your special someone, why not go handcrafted? Handmade barrettes and clips make a great gift as no two handcrafted accessories are the same. Artisan makers use different materials and techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to stand out. Not only do handcrafted barrettes and clips show thoughtfulness, but they also guarantee each recipient will have an accessory that's truly one of a kind. Even if you don't know exactly what style they're looking for, handcrafted barrettes and clips come in an array of colors, materials and sizes that’ll help you get something perfect every time.

What’s the difference between Handmade vs Mass-Produced Barrettes & Clips?

When it comes to something as personal as choosing an accessory, handcrafted barrettes and clips can be the perfect way to express both your style and your creativity. Handmade products are lovingly crafted by artisans with attention to details such as precise cuts or designs, making each one a truly unique expression of you. On the other hand, mass-produced items often come out of factories in large batches with no real distinction from the others, meaning that you might end up with a clip or barrette that looks and feels like so many others. Whether you’re looking for something extra special for yourself or for a loved one, handcrafted products can make an unforgettable statement.

What is the History of Barrettes & Clips?

Barrette and clips have been a popular hair accessory ever since the Victorian era. Throughout history, handcrafted barrettes and clips have been used to accessorize and express individual self-expression in a unique way. Originally fashioned with porcelain, hand-painted artisan barrettes and clips adorned hairstyles of the day. In the 1970s, handcrafted wood also became popular when fashioning unique designs for these fashionable accessories that are still trending today. From handcrafted designs to metallic accents, barrettes and clips add flair to any ‘do; making them a timeless favorite of generations past and present.