Crochet Clownfish | Fish stuffed animal | Cute Amigurumi Fish | Nemo Fish

Select Embroidered Eyes to reduce choking hazards
Add a rattle for a special little noise maker
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About this Product

Snuggle up to this cute clownfish! Great for birthdays and Ocean themes nurseries. Add rattles for a cute, custom noisemaker. Comes in hues of orange, yellow, and gold. Featuring safety-backed eyes for reduced choking hazards, also available with embroidered eyes upon request.

Approximate Scale
5" x2"x2"

Machine Washable
Vegan-Friendly Materials

Machine Washable on Delicate with cool water (or hand/spot wash) with light detergents, Air Dry or Hand Dry only. For best results use a lingerie bag to prevent snagging and damage in the wash. Do not use bleach or high heat. Do not expose to extreme heat.

Parental supervision recommended for children under 5 or children with Pica.
Play Time is Family Time! If you have any questions please contact us, we are here to help!

Handmade Product Variations
Yarn Weight, color, and style may vary for each item. Our items are handmade with an organic pattern that lends itself to a wide range of variations. Item style will also differ from crafter to crafter. Not all item variations may be represented in our photos.


Antioch, CA
We are so excited to be branching out as a business. Look forward to more listings and updates as we migrate from other platforms. Please feel free to reach out to us here if you have special order requests.Happy Shopping!Those Crafty Bees have been creating handmade goodies for over 10 years, ranging from organic vegan soaps to hand-crocheted toys. You can catch us at farmers' markets and craft fairs throughout the Bay Area in California, Online on our Instagram, or in our shop. We are a collective of women, crafters, and moms. We strive to create authentic, unique, heirloom items. All of our playtime items and clothing are hand-tested by our children ages (0-12) and put through the test of real-life playtime. For more information on any of our products or to place a special order please contact us.
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Meet the Maker

Those Crafty Bees have been creating handmade goodies for over 10 years. We have many online platforms where you can reach us, including our Instagram. We are constantly adding and testing new products for our shops. And we love to create custom orders. You can find us on Instagram for a more comprehensive list of items available.

How it’s Made

Each of our crocheted items is hand-stitched by our crafters in-house. We start by sourcing various threads and yarns to create the best color and texture combinations for each item. We source a wide variety of yarn from national and international manufacturers. We prioritize a few factors when it comes to sourcing our materials (Color, Texture, Ethics, Longevity, and price). Though we do use some retailers in a pinch, we prefer to source our yarn from other markers and crafters, and even dye some of our yarn in-house. One of our ultimate business goals is to produce and process our materials from start to finish. We have a few Vegan crafters and family members, so we take steps to ensure our materials are cruelty-free and free from animal products.

When specially requested, we only source wool from GOTS-certified vendors with values that align with our views on animal welfare. Unless requested, all items will be made with a blend of plant and synthetic fibers.

After we have our thread and fibers selected we use our hand-crafted patterns to stitch each piece together. Our crochet Items have been known to take 2 hours to 72 hours to produce depending on complexity. Each stitch is created by human hands, with techniques that have yet to be replicated by machine technology. Our crafters are skilled in traditional crochet, Tunisian Crochet, Knitting, embroidery, and sewing. Using heirloom techniques unique to each crafter. Each item we create is beautifully unique.

As we stitch up each piece we use a mix of stuffing and filling to keep each item plush and soft. You can expect a mix of natural and synthetic fillings (Cotton, Acrylic, Polyfill, and Upholstery grade foam, misc thread fibers, and clippings for low-waste stuffing).

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Shop Reviews (1)

While communication was slow, the care and quality of my stuffed animal was absolutely amazing! It was a really strange critter request (Dreamtalon cub from WoW) , I am beyond happy with the skill and artistry that went in to making it come alive! Thank you so much!

Cassandra Watts