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About this Product

Looking to create a crocheted plushy of your favorite characters? Those Crafty Bees offer a wide variety of custom character stuffies with hand-crafted accessories and attention to detail. Choose from three sizes to create the perfect squeezable stuffed pal.

Here's what we need to know
-What character would you like us to create for you? Feel free to send photo references and special requests to us when you purchase.

How to choose the right size for your stuffed character
We offer three different sizes for you to choose from 10", 12",16", and 18". These measurements will refer to the longest side of the character. A character that is longer than it is wide (like a snake) will have the size applied to its length, not its width or height. The size you choose will always be the maximum size of the character.
What will and will not be included?
-characters' bodies and clothing will be included as one solid piece. clothing will not be detachable.
-accessories such as (held items) or items that are detachable will not be included. If your character is holding an object or has a special accessory you would like us to create, please contact us so we can create a custom add-on for you. (prices for add-ons will vary)

Choosing the right size for your project
Smaller size = less detail
Larger size = more detail

For long-limbed characters we recommend 16" or larger, this will give us wiggle room for some of the finer details like faces and feet. Humanoid characters under 14" will come with mitten-style hands instead of fingers because of the limitations of the material.
*10" or less plushies are not recommended for characters with fine detailing or many details. these plushies may be simpler in construction, yarn weight will be thinner to preserve as much detailing as possible. due to the nature of the fine hook and needlework pricing for these options may be closer to larger scales. Please send us your references before choosing a small size, this way we can let you know what to expect.

Character measurements are taken from the top of the hat to the sole of the shoe, or if you have a snake-like character they are taken from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail. Feel free to reach out to us with your character if you need recommendations for sizes.

Photos by Those Crafty Bees
Characters Present in Photos
Dumpster Fire, Spongebob Squarepants (nickelodeon), Belle Doll (Disney), Gary The Snail (nickelodeon), Dog Character (Gunshow Comics), Tamatoa (Disney), Penguin Holiday Stuffie (Custom, Tennis Player Doll (Custom), Choncc (Riot Games), K'nuckles (Cartoon Network), Flapjack (Cartoon Network), Kevin The Bird (Pixar, UP), A red Panda (Source Unknown)  a red Bulborb (Pikmin)

Feel free to message us if you have any questions about your custom character.

Those crafty bees create hand-crocheted sculpted thread art inspired by characters and objects. Those crafty bees do not claim to own inspirational characters, only the patterns, photos, and finished sculpted art pieces we create. These items are handcrafted and each item is unique.

This item is handmade, you can expect some variations in size, color, and details for a completely unique item that is specially made just for you.

Please read our shop FAQs before placing your order. It is important to us that you are informed about your purchase as well as our policies and processes as a small business. If you have any questions regarding our policies, please reach out to us before you place your order to make sure you have the best information possible

Those Crafty Bees is a micro business. Each Item is handmade specifically for your order with no backstock. We are not able to accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. We do take custom orders and are always excited to create new and unique items for our customers. Shipping estimates will vary as production is subjected to crafter health and availability as well as material availability. If you are concerned about our extended 4+ week production timeline, please reach out to us or use our expedited production/ shipping option when you order. Please let us know if you have skin or scent sensitivity as we use a sanitizer for all items that may disagree with you.

Product Variation Disclaimer
Yarn Weight, color, size, and style may vary for each item. Our items are handmade with an organic pattern that lends itself to a wide range of variations. Item style will also differ from crafter to crafter. Not all item variations may be represented in our photos.
-Yarn Weight and color will vary by batch number, some colors may become unavailable and will be substituted with the closest match.
-We allow a margin for scale deviation for our crafters. each item is unique, to get the best consistency in your items we recommend placing a single large order instead of many small ones.

Sanitization and Packaging
Each item is spritzed with a mix of sanitizer (alcohol). We advise customers to follow the gentle wash instructions included with their orders before playtime. Our sanitizer does not come from an aerosol can and is administered from a standard squirt bottle. Sanitizer is Dye-free, Phthalates Free and formaldehyde-free. Sanitizer is vegan-friendly and safe for use around children and adults. Children or adults with sensitive skin or scent sensitivities should pre-wash each item before playtime to reduce potential allergens. Sanitizer is water-based and should dissolve and dissipate after the first wash.

Choking Hazards and Small Items
Be aware, that some items in our shop have small parts that may pose as choking hazards for small children. Be sure to inspect items regularly for snags (Loose threads) or loose parts that may become harmful.
(SAFETY EYES) This product contains safety eyes with a secure backing. Be sure to inspect safety eyes before and after play to ensure a strong bond. Safety eyes that become damaged or loose may pose a choking hazard for children.

Wash and Care instructions
Hand Wash or Machine Wash on Delicate. Use cool water and light detergents. Do not wash with hot water or bleach. Air dry or hang dry only. For flat items, lay flat to dry.
When machine washing small items, we recommend using a net bag (lingerie bag) to prevent snagging and damage. Wash like colors together. Do not expose to extreme heat.
Most items we create are machine washable, exceptions include our reinforced milk carafes and hard memory game eggs. Refer to each listing for wash and care instructions or contact us for specific products.
When your items are delivered, they may be malformed or squished from shipping. Massage each item in your hands to reform.
After washing your items may look misshaped from wet filling or tumble drying, Massage each item to reform and dry in place. For flat items dry flat to reduce curling.

Shipping estimates are made to the best of our abilities and are not guaranteed. USPS is working hard to ensure that every package makes it home safely. For the most accurate information on potential delays please visit


Antioch, CA
We are so excited to be branching out as a business. Look forward to more listings and updates as we migrate from other platforms. Please feel free…
Contact Maker

Meet the Maker

Those Crafty Bees have been creating handmade goodies for over 10 years. We have many online platforms where you can reach us, including our Instagram. We are constantly adding and testing new products for our shops. And we love to create custom orders. You can find us on Instagram for a more comprehensive list of items available.

How it’s Made

Once we receive your request our crafters will get started creating your plushy!

Here is what we need to know before we get started

-What character would you like us to create?

-what size are you interested in?

-Do you have any style preferences? (Chibi, Cute, Realistic, Muppet, Etc.)

We usually like to work from at least 3 photo references or sketches, you can provide us with your own rough artwork for original characters, or you can send us screenshots of the character from your favorite show or game, we also accept style inspiration photos, so if you have seen a doll or plush or another character and would like us to use the same proportions or "look" we can use inspiration images to help us with our designs.

Once we have a good idea of which character you would like, we take all of the reference information and create a custom crochet pattern and design drawings to help you see what the finished plush will look like. We also select colors from our materials (Usually Yarn) and create a color palette to show you all of the color matches we will use to create your plushy. We like to send design drawings and color swatches to you through our message system so that you can approve the designs for construction, we like to give you about 2 to 3 days to confirm the color selections and designs, but if you are in a rush, you can waive this step to expedite production. Just let us know if this is something you would like to leave up to our crafters when you order.

Once you receive the designs and color swatches you will have the option to make some changes to the design or color selection. Changes may lengthen the production process so we limit any changes to this step in the process. If for some reason you don't get back to us within the 3-day window, we will let our crafters decide whether or not to move forward, so be sure to keep an eye out.

After our designs and color swatches are approved, we can get started stitching up your custom plush.

Once we finish stitching up your plush, we like to stage a little photo shoot and send over 1-3 photos of the final plush for you to see before we ship. This step is purely to ensure that the plush isn't missing any features and to set your expectations for your delivery. Changes at this stage will only be made in rare or extreme circumstances, as the plush is usually set in the material and can't be changed.

Shipping is usually coordinated at this stage, once the plushy is completed. We usually purchase shipping while sending the final look photos, so you can expect tracking to start within 72 hours of receiving your final look message unless otherwise requested or specified.


Each of our crocheted items is hand-stitched by our crafters in-house. We start by sourcing various threads and yarns to create the best color and texture combinations for each item. We source a wide variety of yarn from national and international manufacturers. We prioritize a few factors when it comes to sourcing our materials (Color, Texture, Ethics, Longevity, and price). Though we do use some retailers in a pinch, we prefer to source our yarn from other markers and crafters, and even dye some of our yarn in-house. One of our ultimate business goals is to produce and process our materials from start to finish. We have a few Vegan crafters and family members, so we take steps to ensure our materials are cruelty-free and free from animal products.

When specially requested, we only source wool from GOTS-certified vendors with values that align with our views on animal welfare. Unless requested, all items will be made with a blend of plant and synthetic fibers.

After we have our thread and fibers selected we use our hand-crafted patterns to stitch each piece together. Our crochet Items have been known to take 2 hours to 72 hours to produce depending on complexity. Each stitch is created by human hands, with techniques that have yet to be replicated by machine technology. Our crafters are skilled in traditional crochet, Tunisian Crochet, Knitting, embroidery, and sewing. Using heirloom techniques unique to each crafter. Each item we create is beautifully unique.

As we stitch up each piece we use a mix of stuffing and filling to keep each item plush and soft. You can expect a mix of natural and synthetic fillings (Cotton, Acrylic, Polyfill, and Upholstery grade foam, misc thread fibers, and clippings for low-waste stuffing).

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